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Betting Strategy

How to win at horse racing and betting generally

Improve Your Punting Part 1: Profitable Jockey’s on Favourites

At the start of the year I looked at how you can use favourites to make your betting more profitable and how the Favourite-longshot bias continues to be relevant as ever. As punters still overvalue the “longshots” and undervalue ‘favourites’ or in other words, favourites are under bet whilst longshots are over bet. I highlighted how punters still perceive that… Read More »Improve Your Punting Part 1: Profitable Jockey’s on Favourites

Last Time Out Winners

Improving Your Punting – Part II

There’s just one fundamental objective for punters and that to make a consistent profit. To achieve that objective doesn’t necessarily depend on hours of form study or detailed assessment of each horse chance in the race. Most punters don’t have the time or experience to undertake such tasks. In the second part of this short series on improving your punting.… Read More »Improving Your Punting – Part II

horse racing pace

A Beginners Guide to Pace.

When looking at a race for the first time. How many of you consider pace before delving into the form of each runner?

I must confess until recently, I didn’t. However, pace is now becoming a very important part of the way I go about analysing a race.

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time looking at the form of the runners in the race, picking what you think is an excellent bet, only to find out that the race might not be run to suit your pick.

This article is a very much a beginner’s guide to pace but presents in a simple way the various category of running styles and pace scenarios.

Starting to Think About Pace.

For years, in North America, pace has been an important tool in a punters armoury when it has come to handicapping a race.

Until recently it was mostly overlooked by punters on this side of the Atlantic. Two reasons can be given why this happened.

Read More »A Beginners Guide to Pace.