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Betting Strategy

How to win at horse racing and betting generally

The Racing Horse – On the Bit

It is always advantageous to have an overview of a subject/topic and it is this visualisation we want to expand on in preparation for the 2021 Cheltenham Festival. Visualisation is a formation of a mental image of something and recognising the orientation is of huge value. Elite athletes routinely use visualisation techniques as part of training and competition, and I believe professional sports… Read More »The Racing Horse – On the Bit

Playing the Handicaps at the Cheltenham Festival

There is no doubt which is the most anticipated race meeting of the UK season and, even during a pandemic when the action is played out in front of deserted stands – perhaps especially at such a time – a wagering audience of millions will be glued to their goggleboxes, you, and me amongst them! In what follows, I’ll attempt… Read More »Playing the Handicaps at the Cheltenham Festival

The Wagerer’s (Female) Apprentices

Betting on horseracing, indeed any sport, is about constant reinvention, refinement and evolution. Markets never sit still: as soon as good new information becomes more widely available, markets respond to factor it in. As punters, then, we must a) be aware of this, and b) manage our game to account for it. In other words, we must always be tinkering!… Read More »The Wagerer’s (Female) Apprentices