Free Ads & Mail Outs

We are now offering Free Ads and Mail Outs for Affiliates, and that's on top of the 100% commission we pay for sales off our Gold edition upgrade.

Get your message out to our 15,000+ registered readers for free.

Here's how it works.

For every month that you earn £20 or more in affiliate commission from our program you will qualify for a 1/4 page ad in our magazine for the following months edition.

If you earn £100 or more you qualify for a full page ad plus a mail out to our subscriber list.

Our magazine is informative, entertaining and profitable for our readers and it's free to read. Your list will appreciate you letting them know about it.

The Gold edition is offered to every new subscriber in a one time offer video and costs just £16.65 + VAT per year.

For every Gold subscriber you refer you earn 100% commission – £16.65 + VAT.

All referrals are tagged for life so you get the commission every time they pay and if they leave and come back (using the same email address) you get paid again.

We have a high converting email template that you can copy and send to your list to earn your first commission and we have banner ads for your website so you can keep sending traffic all month.

If you are already a member of our affiliate program log in here to pick up the email template and banners – Click Here

If you're not a member you can sign up here

Every month we will contact affiliates that qualify for ads* or mail outs and your ad will be published in the new magazine edition on the 23rd of the month and your email will be sent within 30 days (mail out days can be agreed to align with launches etc)

We like to play fair with affiliates and if you are sending us good quality traffic we are happy to send you an equal amount in return from across our network of sites.

We look forward to working with you.

Darren Power


Contact me here

* Ads will take the format of an image and an associated link (include your call to action in the image, the whole image will be clickable) and must be received before the 17th of the month for publication on the 23rd.