From Crisis Comes Opportunity

“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful” – Warren Buffett

Out of the myriad wise words spoken by investors down the years, few are as pertinent right now as the above by Warren Buffett. Quite frankly, unless you owned a bunch of stocks in loo roll companies, the chances are that any investments you held before the coronavirus crisis are worth significantly less now than they were a few months ago.

And yet that’s not a reason to run scared, sell low and stop investing. Quite the opposite in fact. Indeed, if you didn’t have any investments before this crisis – which I imagine will apply to most people reading this magazine – you’re in a fantastic position…

Not only have you not lost any money/portfolio value, you’re also in a great spot to pick up investments at a fraction of their true value.

You see, what goes down must come up. I’m not talking about risky propositions here – clearly some smaller businesses will go bust as a result of the crisis – but those opportunities which have seen it all before and which always bounce back, because that’s just how the world works. Markets like property, the FTSE 100, football.

Wait, football? How do you invest in football?

Let me introduce you to Football Index

Back in 2017 a chap called Adam Cole decided that he was going to disrupt the sports betting market, just as Betfair had done so successfully years before. His creation also differed from standard fixed odds ‘back’ betting, but this time it wasn’t even based on the result of sporting events…

It didn’t matter who won and who lost!

Instead, Adam created a football stock market, where the way to profit was by buying undervalued players and holding them until their value increased. Just as you would do with a company in the traditional stock market.

This instantly opened a huge number of doors for the savvy bettor. You could focus on buying young players, who will surely increase in value as they get older and improve. Or little-known players who you’ve heard are being scouted by major European teams. Or simply just focus on the biggest stars of the game, which will naturally increase in value as the platform grows. And boy has the platform grown.

Here’s a look at the rise in value of the Index over the last couple of years:

If you’d purchased their equivalent of the FTSE 100 shortly after the platform launched, you would now be looking at a profit in excess of 700% and that’s from doing absolutely nothing and having no knowledge of football whatsoever.

Obviously if you’d used a bit more nous and focussed on hidden gems and the like you could have done even better than that.

Here’s an example of a player I purchased, James Maddison, last season:

In the short time since his stock has almost quadrupled in value (from £1.13 to £4.37 per share) and this was no genius move – he was already starting for Leicester in the Premier League and earning rave reviews when I bought the shares!

As for the effect of coronavirus on all this. Well, go back to that graph and look at the tiny squiggle at the end. The markets have dipped a little – no surprise there – but they’re also extremely resilient and that’s also no surprise.

After all, football isn’t going to vanish is it?

No matter what the doom mongers would have you believe, normal life will return and, with it, football (German teams are already back in training as I type).

What’s more, this little dip and plateau means that, just like in the traditional stock market, there are great bargains to be had. Pick up some star names on the cheap now, and when football resumes and the market rebounds again you’ll be sitting pretty.

Three strategies for increased profits

In addition to being greedy when others are fearful, here are three other profitable strategies for use on Football Index:

  1. Use the football calendar to anticipate interest

The key to stock markets isn’t buying the ‘best’ players or companies; it’s buying the ones who, next week/month, everybody will be talking about.

Therefore, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the market.

If you know there’s a European Championship or World Cup coming up in June for example, then start buying players who are likely to be prominent in those tournaments (England players in particular) around Christmas time. While Marcus Rashford might be experiencing a slight lull in January, even your granny is going to know his name come England’s first group match.

The majority of football fans will start thinking about this in March/April when attention starts to turn away from domestic matters, so get ahead of the curve.

  1. As Football Index grows, player values increase

The easiest way to profit from this platform and the reason why it’s still such a good opportunity, is by simply sitting back and watching the Football Index usership grow. The more money is in the market the more each player will be worth – simple as that.

At present, most people still don’t know what Football Index is, let alone use it, and that means that it’s still a fantastic opportunity and quite a difficult one to fail to make money from (if you’re patient of course). The time to stop investing, or at least to temper your investments, is when everybody is talking about it, a bit like with Bitcoin a couple of Christmases back. Now is not that time.

As for a more short-term strategy, Football Index also regularly run big marketing campaigns and put out valuable special offers to their membership, such as double dividends for a limited time period. If you purchase some shares right at the beginning of one of these promotional periods, often you can make a nice quick profit simply by selling them again at the end of that promotion.

  • Listen to those ‘in the know’

Just like with Betfair in its early days, many people are doing well out of the platform, but some are well and truly cleaning up. You obviously want those people on side where possible.

There are plenty of Football Index forums out there with knowledgeable contributors and, dare I say it, there are also one or two good subscription services, such as our Football Index Investor service. Do take a look if this article has been of interest to you – Click Here

“Greed is good” – Gordon Gekko

We’ll close with another quote, albeit this time from a slightly more unsavoury character.

The reality is that not everybody can make money whatever their choice of investment, be it traditional sports betting, the traditional stock market, or the football stock market. You need to take chances and you need to be greedy at the right times.

Now might well be the worst of times for traditional sports betting, after all, there’s no sport!

But for the football stock market, that doesn’t matter, and there is in fact a very strong argument to say that the timing for an all new involvement in it couldn’t be better.

Good luck.

Josh Allen

Josh Allen is the editor of free betting e-letter, Bet Chat, ( and the publisher of Football Index Investor, a brand new Football Index tipping service. The service currently comes with a 60 day ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee and you can find out more about it by clicking this link –

You can join Football Index here –

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