June 23, 2021

Have you been giving your bookie the run around?

Years of gambling have instilled in me an automatic response to always look for edges and solve problems.

That mindset has spilled over into non-gambling areas of my life, too.

For example, one of my major gripes in life – and no doubt one of yours – is queuing. It is particularly annoying at supermarkets when you join a line you gamble will be the quickest, only to find another till opens up and all those behind you dive into the new space and find themselves at the front.


Yes, I know it’s a bit sad, but I’ve developed a strategy to find the quickest-moving queue. Well, that’s the plan anyway. It may already be obvious to many… but it still puzzles me why most don’t use it.

So, here’s what I do:

I simply look to see which trolley or basket in front has the most ‘duplicated’ items.

For instance, one lady in front of me last week had about 20 tins of dog food (all same brand, I might add) and the man immediately behind her had about two dozen bags of frozen chips (had to be a cheapskate restaurateur) so this till was my target.

Once the checkout guy came to Ms Dog Food, he scanned only one tin and then multiplied that figure by whatever the total amount was in her trolley. Ditto for Mr Chips. One bag of cheap chips was scanned, the rest were counted and totalled up and he was out of there in a jiffy.

With a smug smile on my face, I sailed through leaving the fair weather queue shufflers for the newly-opened till wondering where they went wrong…

So why do many overlook the obvious?

Maybe they just have patience and having nothing better to do than stand in queues all day trying to resist the impulse buys as they move along. Not me, I want to be in and out ASAP so I can eat my 20 freshly baked croissants while they’re still warm.

It doesn’t always work, however. You always get the odd customer asking a thousand and one questions. Or they’ve forgotten something, and the helpful checkout operator offers to go and get it.

But it is all about reducing the risk and getting it right most of the time rather than all of the time. Much like our gambling, where many seek to always try and win, win, win. A couple of losses and they abandon ship and look again.

When next gambling or following a service, consider this: when you lose you are coming closer to a winner if your system or strategy is fundamentally sound.

If you have more than one loss, you’re getting even closer to win, and so on. Don’t give up on losses, simply get ready to collect your winnings sooner rather than later…

I have a strategy with only a 30% winning strike rate that can still make great profits due the staking plan I deploy. So long as you’re not greedy it works much like a lot of things in life I suppose.

So, ok I will get losing runs of 8 – 10 frequently but that does not worry me as my losses are small as I’m laying on average at 1.50, so small liabilities.

I also know that when I have a losing run of that length a winner is close by, and sure as night follows day it arrives, and I turn a profit rather quickly.

So, remember, so long as you follow a trusted method born out of reliable and well recorded past data the losers encountered will bring you closer to the winners. What’s more if you keep that uppermost in your mind it will help you to keep going through the lean periods.

Until next Time!

Andrew David

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