How Cleaning Out The Garage Can Help Your Betting…

In my very early years of betting, I found myself doing what no one should ever do if trying to profit from gambling and that’s ‘forcing bets’.

What I mean by forcing bets is having a loss and then looking to quickly recover and that would mean clicking and backing anything (usually favourites) in the false security your lost money will be recovered faster.

It’s a strong urge and a hard one to shift. In the days when betting offices were the only option you would simply head for the door when your pockets were empty or when there was nothing more to bet on.

These days it’s made even worse with the prevalence of online betting. It’s never been easier to bet on anything and at any time of the day or night and deposit even more of your hard earned once your bank reaches zero.

Online betting, especially using exchanges has been a godsend for many punters in carving out an edge but only for the most disciplined of us.

On the flip side it can also be the quickest way to lose your shirt if you are someone who looks to force a bet and the bookies know this, offering market after market to fill every microsecond of the 24 hours that are available.

Preoccupation is one way I’ve found to overcome this urge if I’m every tempted. What I mean is simply find something else to do.

So, for example if a horse I strongly fancy for the day loses, instead of quickly looking for another to recover that loss, I would consider switching my focus away from gambling until the next day or when I next find another strong pick that fits with my criteria.

This change of focus may include undertaking those chores you have been putting off for the past 5 years! Maybe clearing out the garage, office, spare room etc. I do find it hard to get going with these tasks but find if I do something small first then I gather momentum and seem to carry on finding more junk to throw out and before you know it, I end up with five black bags full!

When we had a recent bout of racing postponements and little football activity I decided to try and save money by looking for cheaper car and house insurance quotes. Thus, not only did I save money on both, but I probably saved money from not forcing further bets just for the sake of it.

Another angle when there is nothing strong enough on any day is to maybe read up on your favourite sport, especially the psychological side to sports players or teams. There are many great books on the subject, and they provide great fodder and some fascinating insights on why players/teams behave the way they do.

The important point is to STOP forcing bets as more often than not you will lose your valuable seed money that could be used for your higher strengths’ fancies.

So, remember, stick to the brief and don’t waiver!

Surely Profit is Profit? 

It’s my mission here to bring you tips and tricks to improve your betting/trading along with various articles.

Also, from time to time I will introduce you to services that may appeal and will do all the hard work for you in terms of delivering tips to your inbox.

These could be from any sport where I feel the service is worthy of following.

It does puzzle me when some say they don’t join a service because they don’t like the sport it plays in? Surely, we are all in this game to make money, so does it matter whether it’s tidily winks or tennis we bet on to make our wedge?

If it’s a matter of ‘click and go’ betting, then Golf for example offers great potential for profit due the normally big odds of winners when they arrive. Likewise, Tennis and Football for in-play trading profits where you can skim an edge and target high volume. So, if the profits appeal to you then give them a go whether you like the sport or not is my advice, if not, you may be overlooking a decent source of income just because the arena it operates in is NOT your cup of char.

Due to the ongoing situation many of us have more time on our hands and you may want to use this time to discover a whole host of new betting systems and strategies. Even view many of my video tutorials, Webinars, Bonuses, and betting related articles. I can even show easy to identify markets that you can profit from straight away.

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Steve Carter

Steve Carter

Steve Carter is the Associate Editor of On Course Profits magazine. He has relied on his betting skills and knowledge for his income for the past 15+ years. He specialises in horse racing and football betting & trading and knows what it takes to make a living from betting. He is always looking for new angles for himself and On Course Profits readers.

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