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It’s been a good while since we have been able to sing a reviews praises, but this month there are not one but two services which get the tick of approval from our reviewers.

Cost: £9.99 28 day trial / £34.99 per month / £87.50 3 months / £157.50 6 months / £279.99 per year.

The Trial: This TipstersEmpire horse race tipster had a great month between the 8th October and the 7th November clocking up a profit of 37.53 points for an outlay of 47.8 points to advised stakes and odds, an ROI of 78.51%. 

The 45 selections were advised 35 each-way and 10 straight win bets. 15 were winners, strike rate 33.33%, at odds between 15/8 and 10/1 with a further 8 being placed so just over half of the bets showed a profit.

The longest winning run was 8 and the longest losing run was 6 – the winners just kept on coming! With one more month of this review left its looking very likely this service will be receiving a positive recommendation.Conclusion: The first for a long time that has brought a real smile to our faces. You can find out more here.

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Cost: Saturdays Only – £30.00 for 3 months / £55.00 for 6 months / £95.00 for 12 months – Combined -£49.00 for 3 months / £79.00 for 6 months / £159 for 12 months.

The Trial: After a very promising start to our review sadly things have tailed off the last two months.

October finished with 2 wins and 5 places from 33 selections and a loss of 12.07 pts.

The cumulative position is 21 wins and 25 places from 160 selections and a profit of 13.98 pts.Total outlay was 172.50 pts giving a ROI of 8.10%. Not a bad result overall, but disappointing after the good start.

Conclusion: A modest ROI which is better than many. You can find out more about the service here.

Cost: £2.99 28 day trial / £34.99 monthly thereafter / £87.50 3 months / £157.50

6 months / £279.99 12 months.

The Trial: Despite giving the 80/1 Arc winner, the service only managed a 0.31pts profit in October. There were 14 winners from 87 selections.

The cumulative position is 52/332 winners and a profit of 10.63 pts and a total outlay of 421.5 pts and a ROI of 2.52%.

Depending on your level of staking it’s doubtful you would have paid for your Subs and we think a reduction in bets would be needed before we would be interested.

Conclusion: Not really for us as the service stands currently. If you are interested, you can find out more here.

Cost: Options start with a trial of 14 days at £4.99 and range from monthly membership £36.99 to an annual subscription for £349.00.

The Trial: Only 3 wins and 8 places from 60 selections this month but still a profit of 46.55 pts. The cumulative position is 10 wins and 34 places from 182 selections and a profit of 145.15 pts at advised prices and bookmakers.

Total outlay is 374 pts for a ROI of 38.81 %. Our position is a profit of 98.90 pts and a ROI of 26.44%.

Even if you don't get all the prices and bookmakers the profit is exceptional, but you do need to accept there will be longish losing runs.

Conclusion: The profits give this service plenty of merit as long as you are comfortable seeing out the losing runs. – Full details and trial offer here

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