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  1. Darren I don’t know what I did but I signed up for the free tips but now I cannot gain access to the OCP magazine which is worth its weight in gold ! What did I do …. pretty please ? You sent me an email for the April edition but I cannot access … gives me a load of other things to access but not the magazine. HELP !!!!!

  2. Hi
    having been a free subscriber I have now signed up to Gold, but I can’t read recent posts and the gold versions of the magazine I’ve checked appear identical to the free version. so at the moment I can’t see any benefit to becoming a Gold member?
    What extras should I be getting by being a Gold member.

  3. Hi Guys,
    I am also unable to access my Magazine Gold. Every time I click on continue it goes to Affiliate site.

    1. Hi Brian

      That page should include a section titled On Course Profits Gold and under that header there should be a link to your mags.

      If that’s not the case use the contact us link at the foot of this page to open a ticket and we will change your email and log into your account to investigate.

      You can also go direct to the Gold page here https://www.oncourseprofits.com/gold


    1. Hi Malc

      Your account all looks in order. We can’t see your password so I’ve sent a reset email so you can try changing it to see if that helps


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