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May on the All Weather

A little look through horseracebase shows us that the All Weather is not to be ignored during the month of May if past performances are to go by.

We’ve found three standout performances during 2019 and 2021 and we feel they may be worthy of following again this year.

Andrew Balding

Back in 2019 we originally looked at Andrew Balding´s Flat Turf runners during the month of August, but the results were less than complementary.

The recent results of runners on the All Weather however suggest that they may be worth looking at again.

26 runners over the past two years (2019 and 2021, no racing May 2020) during the month of May have produced 7 winners, but of those, 6 of them came from just 14 runners at Chelmsford City and Kempton, with prices ranging from 2/1 up to 25/1 and 33/1.

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The first quarter of the year on the All Weather hasn’t got off to the best of starts but we are willing to give things a try during May to see if the past recent May form can be revisited.

As always we are tempted that if we hit a profit of 5 points or more to bank the proceeds,

System 73: Back Andrew Baldings All Weather runners when running at Kempton or Chelmsford.

Jamie Osborne (J A Osborne)

Jamie Osborne has had a 35% strike rate since 2019 on the All Weather during May and produced almost 65 points to BFSP (45.75 to ISP) in that period from the 7 winners from 20 runners.

Admittedly most of the profits came in 2019 but 2021 still showed a profit 10 points to BFSP and we are comfortable with that for a monthly return.

From short prices to a 33/1 winner (even allowing for the removal of this large, priced winner we’d have still made 13 points to BFSP, 10 points to ISP), there is a chance of a winner from any of the All Weather tracks.

System 70: Back Jamie Osborne’s All Weather runners during the month of May.

Our next trainer we have picked up on before, but we have had little success, however we feel he is worth looking at again.

Archie Watson

Backing his runners blindly on the All Weather during 2019 and 2021 would have seen a profit of almost 60 points to BFSP (35.50 to ISP). Much of that profit was won during 2019, but 2021 still had a strike rate of almost 30% and produced a slight profit for the month.

Concentrating on his sprinters over 5-7f may be the way to go as this is where 7 of the 8 runners over the 2 years have come from.

System 69: Back Archie Watsons runners over 5-7f on the All Weather during the month of May.

As mentioned previously, if we hit a 5 point profit we will be banking our profits.

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