March 24, 2020

Pinpoint Ratings Review

Pinpoint Bankers

Cost: £10.00 per month / £20.00 per qtr. / £60.00 p.a.

The Trial: Following on from the review of their Pinpoint Ratings Dutching service we started a new review of the Punters Pal Pinpoint Bankers daily selections. 

You can read about this service here where there is a link to the detailed results showing that between April 2017 and December last year the starting bank of £1000 increased to £4,546. This equates to a compound interest of around 66% a year. 

The selections are sent by email the evening before racing together with the early odds being quoted by Bet365 and Boyle Sports, the only remaining bookies to allow BOG before the day of the race.

The special staking employed in the past results was to stake 2.5% of the bank on each selection.

During winning spells the stakes rise and then will fall when there is a run of losers.

As this method results in fractions of a point being staked, which will inevitably alert the bookies that you are being clever and trying to take their money you could expect, at least, the withdrawal of the BOG facility.

You could, of course, round up or down which would help preserve your accounts or use an exchange and that is what I have decided to do and use Betfair SPs. 

We’ll keep an eye on the advised early prices and the SPs to see whether or not they would make a significant difference.

During January there were 40 selections with 7 winners, strike rate 17.5%, BOG odds were between 5/4 & 3/1 and Betfair SPs between 2.28 & 4.12, not much difference.

Conclusion: A poor start with the 1,000 point starting bank being reduced to a shade over 650 points, and the ongoing stake down from 25 points to 16.28.  Here’s hoping for a recovery next time. You can find out more here.

Cost: First month £20.00 then £40.00 thereafter

The Trial: This month we conclude our review of this racehorse laying service.

Our final month saw 38 lay selections losing their race 35 times for a 92.10% strike rate so laying at a level 1-point per race gave a profit of just over 9 points.  This brings the total over the review period to 116 bets with only 8 being unsuccessful, a strike rate of 93.10% and total profit of almost 31.50 points based on Betfair SP and deducting 2% commission.

As you will know when placing a lay bet, the risk is down to the accepted odds and some of the odds of these tips may be out of your comfort zone. 

Although the bookies rated Stynes running in the 8:30 at Kempton Park on the 4th of February a 25/1 shot its Betfair SP was 98.95 (17.49 a place) which maybe is too risky for some, even though it was a successful lay, placed 9th of the 14 runners.

With this in mind we looked at laying the place, especially as this strategy was so successful in the middle month.

Unfortunately, the luck had run out this time as 17 of the 38 lays were placed and level 1-point stakes would have lost just over 9.50 points. However, overall laying the place did make a profit of just over 4.75 points from the total of 116 selections.

Conclusion: A profitable service over the three months of test and may well appeal to layers. A further angle, which we did not pursue further, would be to lay to a liability where you can choose the maximum acceptable odds.

The service publishes up-to-date results which we have found to be accurate. You can find out more here.

Featured Image - Photo by Bruce Mars on Unsplash

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