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Cheltenham 2023 day 1 selections

Our monthly look at the services and products under review by our reviews team.

Cost: £33.00 per month / £75.00 per quarter.

The Trial: Another very good month from this service with 8/26 winners and a profit of 39.22 pts at advised prices.

The cumulative position is 16/61 winners and a profit of 62.92 pts. Total outlay is 129 pts giving an exceptional 48.78%.

Interestingly only 3 of this month’s 8 winners had an SP lower than the advised price.

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Conclusion: Certainly, a service worthy of consideration. You can find out more about Target Racing by clicking here.

Cost: 99p 10 day trial followed by £27.00 per month + VAT

The Trial: This service had a change in approach for March which resulted in a better performance.

In February and March 21/37 of the advices were at double figure prices, but for March only 8/31 were double figure prices. This resulted in a better performance.

5/31 winners and another 9 places gave a monthly profit at advised prices of 39.23 pts.

The cumulative position is 6/68 winners and a profit of 7.86pts.

Conclusion: Nothing too exciting but clearly a step in the right direction. If interested you can find out more about the service here.

Cost: 99p 10 day trial then £27.00 + VAT per month.

The Trial: A poor second month for this racehorse tipping service with no return from 27 of its 36 selections which consisted of 16 1-point to win bets and 20 half a point each ways.

3 win bets were winners at the advised odds between 11/8 and 5/2 with none of the each way tips coming first and 6 being placed for an overall monthly loss of 19.68 points.

Conclusion: We’ve another month for a hoped for return to winning ways. You can find out more about the service here.

Cost: A six month subscription offer is currently in place for £66.00 / £38.00 per month / £39.00 quarterly subscription recurring at £78.00 per quarter / £97.00 six month subscription.

The Trial: There were 4 tipped horses on 24 of the next 31 days of this review to be placed as a Lucky 15 combination bet. 2 selections were non-runners leaving the remaining 94 to produce 32 winners, a strike rate of just over 34%. Four days had no winners, 11 days had one, on 6 days there were 2, 3 days 3 and no days hit the jackpot of 4 winners.

Using 1-point stakes gave a daily outlay of 15 points and achieving the advised odds with BOG would have broken even (not counting the subscription), whereas relying on ISP would have set you back 40 points.

Conclusion: More next time. In the meantime, you can visit the BETViral website by clicking here.

Cost: 1 month trial for £7.00 + VAT per then £19.99 + VAT per month. Annual subscription available at £109.00 + VAT.

The Trial: This is the final review for this service which unfortunately ended poorly.

There were 19/108 winners this month and a loss of 57.57 pts.

The cumulative position after nearly 4 months is 68/374 winners and a loss at advised prices of 83.84 pts. At SP the position would have been seen you over 60 pts worse off.

Conclusion: This is not a service we could recommend, and the reviewer felt that a rethink of strategy is clearly needed. If interested though you can find out more about the service here.

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