January 8, 2020

CD Racing

Cost: £19.99 monthly / £99.00 6 monthly

The Trial: We have seen an improvement during our latest month with 10 winners and placers from the 36 selections received which have returned a profit for the month of a shade over 6 points.  Our overall position since the start of the review is now 19 winners or placers from 88 selections and an overall loss of just less than 12 points to the

advised prices.

Conclusion: Has merit and will stick with. You can find out more here.

Cost: 28 day trial £2.99 / £34.99 per mth / £87.50 per qtr / £157.5.0 ½ yrly / £279.99 yrly.

The Trial: Our review for this service has now finished and sadly the positive results of earlier months were not able to be replicated.

Our final month had just 1 winner from 21 selections and a loss of almost 11 points, however our overall position of 31 winners from 189 selections saw us in profit to the tune of 60+points which is excellent.

Conclusion: Well worth consideration. Find out more here.

Cost: Trial at £9.99 then £19.99 per month / Annual Membership: £149.00

The Trial: With an improvement this month of 11 winners from 76 selections we have seen a profit of almost 11.50 points. The overall position however is that we are still showing a loss of just over 27 points to the advised prices.

Conclusion: It is difficult to recommend a service which has seen 4 losing runs of over 20 selections. This could be difficult for some to take. If you are interested in finding out more though you can click here.

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

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