February 24, 2020

RM Greyhound Tips

Cost: £2.99 for 28 day trial then £34.99 per month thereafter.

The Trial: The service has carried on in fine form with 23 winners from the latest 50 selections and a profit for the month of 27 points to the advised prices.

You may recall that we mentioned previously a problem over liquidity on the greyhound markets and this has been borne out by our return. Despite our placing our bets immediately on receipt of the selection our profits show a return of a shade less than 15 points.

Had you backed at SP you would have made just less than 1.50 points. This clearly illustrates the problem.

Overall, after 121 selections to date we have achieved 52 winners and a profit to the advised prices of 74 points, our own profits to the prices we have obtained amounts to 21.50 points, and overall at SP the profit is 9.50 points.

Conclusion: Although obviously knowing their stuff achieving the suggested prices is always going to be difficult, but if you have lightning fast fingers you may just clear a nice profit from this service.

You can find out more here.

Carl Nicholson ITV

Cost: £19.99 per month.

The Trial: Another month which has demonstrated that the service can keep within the

advertised winning and profit figures. With 34 selections over the month there have been 11 winners and a profit to advised prices of just over 24 points. Our cumulative position over the trial to date is a shade over 9.50 points (advised prices – 40 winners) from 172 selections. We should also point out that the latest part month has already produced an additional 12.50 points profit.

Conclusion: Definitely worth a look. Find out more here.

Paul Morris Daily Value Service

Cost: £40.00 per month.

The Trial: It has been a poor latest month with just 17 winning bets from 204 selections and a loss of almost 80points to the advised prices (118.50 at SP)! Gulp! You had to be tough to stick with the month as well with a losing run of 63 bets.

The overall picture does not fare any better sadly. Even to advised prices the losses stand at

almost 110 points so far, with 30 winners from 366 selections.

Conclusion: You would need to be a tough cookie to continue with this service after such a long losing run, but for us it is not one we could recommend.

Pinpoint Ratings Dutching Trial

Cost: £39.00 quarterly / £79.00 p.a.

The Trial: Over our review period we have had 165 handicap races of which 90 were winning bets which has returned a profit of just over 32.50 points profit.

353 Non Handicap races has produced 240 winners and returned a profit of just over 150 points.

Overall 518 Dutch Bets has produced 330 winners. Had you risked 10 points per race you would have returned a profit of 184 points.

Conclusion: This service has given a consistent performance throughout so, if you are lucky enough to still have accounts with Bet365 and Boyles Sports this could be one for you. Find out more here.

Cost: First month £20.00 then £40.00 thereafter

The Trial: During the latest month of the trial for this service we have received 32 selections to lay of which 30 were successful and returned a profit of just over 14 points based on 1 point

level stakes after 2% Betfair commission.

The lay prices ranged from 4.35 up to 34.00, and the total amount risked was 330 points.

The only 2 winners of their races were priced at 9.07 and 8.02 which came early on in the month, so you would have needed to keep the faith, but that faith would have paid off with the next 31 lays having been successful.

Conclusion: We are hopeful that things can continue in the same vein. Find out more about the service here.

Featured Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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