July 23, 2020

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Cost: £149.95

The Trial: There has been a two and a half month gap between the results in our last report on this Sportsworld Publishing horse racing system and this one. 

During the month of June there were 98 qualifying races, 95 being backed each-way on Betfair the other 3 place only. 

Of the 95 win bets, just 3 won their race , and even though the odds were 5.70, 34.00 and 32.00 they were not high enough to prevent a loss overall.

The 98 place bets won 21 times at odds between 2.08 and 6.40 also making a loss and overall, after deducting 2% commission, the resultant deficit was 15.92 points at 1 point per bet (2 points for an each-way). 

Conclusion: Reported past results indicated this system is a good money maker – we will see next month whether July can return it to winning ways. You can find out more here.

Cost: £1.99 for 15 days and then £37.00 per month thereafter.

The Trial: With the rest of the North American 2019-20 season cancelled Robert still has to concentrate on the Russian scene for his selections. 

10 out his 22 advices for June were successful with a strike rate of 45.45% at advised odds between 1.73 and 2.40 averaging 2.15. 

The suggested stakes on his winners varied between 1 and 7 which resulted in an overall gain of just less than 1 point and an ROI of just over 1%. 

Backing at level stakes didn’t help as this would have resulted in a slight loss. 

Conclusion: In spite of a winning strike rate of over 40% over the 3 month review period this service lost 30 points so we are unable to make it a recommendation – however we suspect this may be due to the switch from the more familiar North American scene and may well be worth a further look when things return to normal.

You can find out more here.

Cost: £1.99 for 15 days and then £27.00 per month thereafter.

The Trial: This recent addition to the Betting Gods stable continued to net the profits during the latest month. 

Steven’s 159 advices scored 78 times for a 49.01% strike rate and a gain of 21.49 points profit at 1-point level stakes to advised winning odds which ranged from 1.80 to 9.90, an average of 2.31.  The longest winning run was 10, spread over 2 days, one of which all 6 bets won at odds between 1.80 and 5.00 adding 8.67 points.  The longest losing run was 8, again spread over 2 days. 

Conclusion: This is looking promising service – a 15-day trial costs £1.99 with the usual vendor’s 30-day money back guarantee. Find out more here.

Cost: £29.99 per month.

The Trial: There was only one further weekend of bets after my last review before lockdown with 4 bets and no winners.

Final figures were 50/250 winners and a profit at advised prices of 19.93 points from a total outlay of 294.50 points. Conclusion: A safe and steady service for those who like betting on televised racing. You can find out more about ITV Tips here.

Cost: £2.99 for 28 day trial then £34.99 per month thereafter.

The Trial: Since our last review there has been a change back to bets being advised at any time with a 5 minute text warning.

There have been 18/55 winners and a profit of 10.96 points at advised prices.

The service seems to be back on the right track with a cumulative position of 90/249 winners and a profit of 71.05pts at advised prices. The service is in loss at SP.Conclusion: With weak markets and liquidity this service is only of interest to those who can access texts and move fast. You can find out more about the service here.

Cost: £2.99 28 day trial then £30.00 per month thereafter, or £75.00 for 3 months / £135.00 for 6 months.

The Trial:
We finished before lockdown at 7/32 winners and a loss of 7.54pts. The service resumed unofficially with a few bets on the German Football without much success, and returned officially with the resumption of British football.

The service returned in good form and quickly moved into profit but then had a disappointing final week.

The cumulative position at month end was 14/62 winners and a loss of 5.79pts from a total outlay is 134pts. Conclusion: Clearly a strong end to the season is required. You can find out more here.

Cost: £1.99 for 15 days then £17.00 per month thereafter.

The Trial: We left this service on 7/32 winners and a profit of 0.90pts.

Since resumption things have picked up and the cumulative position is now 18/68 winners, and a profit to advised prices of 23.53pts. 

Much like the other greyhound service the position at SP is a loss of 13.81pts.

With the weak markets on greyhound racing we feel it may be impossible to make a profit at SP and the ability to move fast is required.

Conclusion: Unfortunately with this service you can never be sure when the message will arrive thereby making matching advised price difficult. You can find out more here.

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