September 24, 2020

Product Reviews

Cost: £1.99 for 15 days and then £27.00 per month thereafter.

The Trial: This is the fourth report for this Betting Gods service and the fourth time we have been able to report a profit, albeit a little less than previously. 

There were 210 bets during the month of August, with 99 winning selections at advised odds of between 1.83 and 9.00, and average winning odds of 2.22, to give a 1-point level stake profit of 9.69 points – a strike rate of 47.14% and ROI of 4.61%.

As you can see from the table below Steven has been Mr Consistency in delivering an almost 50% strike rate and making money each month.

You can read all about this service on the Betting Gods site and if you fancy it you can give it a spin for 15 days for £1.99.

Conclusion: Consistency is a rarity and a pleasure to find. Find out more here.

Cost: £29.99 monthly / £69.99 quarterly

The Trial: This is a comparatively new service from Betinfo24 backing horses, greyhounds and football every day, with the selections being delivered by email by 10:00 am. 

Having started last October, it claims to have made over 700 points to date staking 2 points per selection with a daily horse napped for a 3-point stake. 

Usually there are 4-5 race horse selections, one of them being the nap; 2-3 dogs staked 2 points win and a couple of football bets, usually multiples, staked one or 2 points.   So around 20 points staked a day.   You can read all about at

We started our review on the 22nd of July and this report takes it up until the end of August. 

Taking the advised odds which were usually available when the email was delivered and the advised stakes then the 41 days produced a profit of 200.88 points profit from a strike rate of 30.82% and an overall ROI of 29.20% as shown in the table below.

Unusually, these results are similar to the claims shown on the vendor’s webpage where you will also see that you can get a 30-day satisfaction, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Conclusion: As it costs less than £1/day to subscribe you may consider giving this service a trial yourselves. You can find out more here.

Cost: £6.58 per month or £79.00 for 1 year £14.95 per month thereafter.

The Trial: It has been a steady latest month with 9 wins and 9 places from 41 selections and a profit of 10.27pts

This makes the cumulative position 20 wins and 28 places from 101 selections and an overall profit of 32.29pts. The outlay was 201pts giving a 16.06% ROI which is commendable for a steady service.

Conclusion: A steady performance. Find out more about Each Way Tips here.

Cost: £37.00 per month / £87.00 for 3 months / £177.00 for 6 months / £297.00 for a year.

The Trial: A much better latest month with 24/98 winners and a profit of 96.17 pts at advised odds.

The service was cumulatively over 82pts down on the 20th of the month but a spate of winners in the final 10 days turned things around.

The cumulative position is 57/259 winners and a profit of 39.77pts from an outlay of 1034pts.

This makes the ROI around 4% and I have no doubt that a few Rule 4's would reduce the profit somewhat.

Conclusion: The service seems a bit erratic and we are not entirely convinced at the moment. . You can find out more here.

Cost: £15.00 per month / £37.50 for 3 months / £120.00 for a year.

The Trial: There were 10/89 winners this month and a profit of 17.90pts and the cumulative position is 25/231 winners and a profit of 44.86pts. The total outlay was 301pts giving a 14.90% ROI.

We have a lot of time for this service which is totally transparent. The provider on 3 or 4 days a week sends a later E-Mail explaining his bets which are formulated from many systems he uses and each week he reviews the daily profit and loss taking account of all Rule 4's.

Conclusion: For a relatively cheap service he gives a lot of product, but of course profit is king, but if you can take a low win ratio then the service is worth considering. Find out more here.

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