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Product Reviews – 2 Impressive Services Highlighted

Cost: £9.99 28 day trial / £34.99 per month / £87.50 3 months / £157.50 6 months / £279.99 per year.

The Trial: can be justly proud of their most recent tipster’s performance as this 3 month review has corroborated the claims made for this horse race tipping service. 

Although the spectacular results reported last time were not repeated this month’s 32 selections had 10 outright winners and one dead-heat to again produce a profit of 8.79 points to advised early-odds and stakes for a strike rate of 34.38% and ROI of 28.35%.

The stats between the 8th September and the 7th December can be summarised by this table:

Conclusion: These figures speak for themselves and justify a top recommendation that this service is very unlikely to disappoint.  Make no mistake – this is exceptionally good tipping.

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You can find out more about the service and sign up here.

Cost: Options start with a trial of 14 days at £4.99 and range from monthly membership £36.99 to an annual subscription for £349.00.

The Trial: A month of contrasting fortunes starting with 25/1 and 40/1 winners in the first few days and finishing with only 4 places from the last 42 selections. However, the month was still profitable to the tune of 21.50 pts.

The final cumulative position is 12 winners and 38 places from 234 selections and a profit of 166.65 pts at advised prices. Total outlay was 483 pts giving a ROI of 34.50 %. My ROI was 24.62%.

Conclusion: This service is part of our reviewer’s own portfolio and is one he would recommend but only if you are realistic and can accept longish losing runs which are inevitable when backing at these prices. Full details and trial offer can be found here.

Cost: Saturdays Only – £30.00 for 3 months / £55.00 for 6 months / £95.00 for 12 months – Combined -£49.00 for 3 months / £79.00 for 6 months / £159 for 12 months.

The Trial: Sadly, the downturn for this service continued with 2 winners and two places from 23 selections this month and a loss of 8.85 pts.

The final cumulative position is 23 winners and 27 places from 183 selections and a profit of 5.13 pts.

Total outlay was 197.50 pts giving a ROI of 2.60%.

I would need to ascertain the figures for flat and NH before considering this service as there has been a marked downturn since the start of the NH season.

Conclusion: Possibly one for the Flat season only but needs investigation to that end. If you would like to find out more, you can do so by clicking here.

Cost: £2.99 28 day trial / £34.99 monthly thereafter / £87.50 3 months / £157.50

6 months / £279.99 12 months.

The Trial: A further small profit of 3.90 pts this month following 15/85 winners.

The final cumulative figures are 67/417 winners and a profit of 14.53 pts. Total outlay was 532 pts resulting in a ROI of 2.73%.

Conclusion: There are undoubtedly more profitable services out there and it's not one that we can recommend.

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