March 29, 2021

Product Reviews

Cost: 1 Month £39.50 / 3 Monthly £89.50

The Trial: This is a horse race tipping service from the Pro Betting Club, the daily selections being accessed via a password protected website.

February was the first month of this review and we received 11 win tips and 53 each-ways giving a total of 9 wins and 16 placers for an overall strike rate of 21.3% resulting a loss of 49.61 points to the recommended 1-point win and 1-point each-way level stakes with BOG.

Conclusion:  Hoping for an improvement over the coming months. You can find out more here.

Cost: First month £10.00 + VAT then £40.00 per month + VAT thereafter.

The Trial: After 2 months of profits February proved to be a difficult month for this well-known tipping service. It gave a monthly total of 33 tips, 18 to win and 15 each-way. 

Two of the win selections were successful, a 11.11% strike rate losing 14.5 points to suggested stakes between 1 and 2 points with BOG. 

The 15 each-way picks drew a blank for winners, but the 6 placers kept the loss down to 10.24 points making the combined loss 24.74 points.

Over the 3 months review the advised bets staked a total of 153 points producing a net profit of 10.69 points, an ROI of 7.0%

Conclusion: Up until our latest month the service has been steady and as we all know there are corrections from time to time. In the main a consistent service. You can find out more about Cleeve Racing here.

Favourites That Win

Cost: Favourites That Win is a £15 system with the option of daily notifications of qualifiers.

The Trial: The middle of February completed the 3-month review of this horse racing service.  These 2 weeks saw 90 contenders brave the weather with 16 becoming selections by being clear Betfair favourites and 8 of these winning their races. 

Using 1-point level stakes at Betfair SP and deducting 2% commission gave a profit of 3.9 points. 

Over the review period there were 543 contenders with 130 starting favourite, 44 winners sadly couldn’t prevent a loss of 26 points. 

The vendor claims that additional form checks should improve the results and offers the purchase of a guide to help in this respect.

Conclusion: You can find out more here.

Cost: £5.00 for the first 14 days and then £25.00 per month thereafter or £60.00 quarterly.

The Trial: This is the final review of this service and it finished with 8/48 winners this month and a loss of 14.54 points at advised prices.

The cumulative position after nearly five months was 67/348 winners and a profit of 26.19 points. Total outlay was 333 points giving an ROI of 7.86%.

We’ve not really warmed to this service as the number of selections, advice times and staking constantly changed so it has not been the easiest of services to work with. Nevertheless we can’t fault that it was profitable and may be of interest to some.

Conclusion: As this is a reasonably priced service that doesn't charge for losing months it is worthy of consideration. You can find out more here.

Cost: £40.00 per month or £90.00 for 3 months or £150.00 for 6 months or £230.00 for a year.

The Trial: After 4 months this review is ending on a low note. There were only 2/27 winners this month and a loss of 23.25 points. The cumulative position was 19/111 winners and a loss of 16.55 points.

Conclusion: There’s not a lot we can recommend about this service based on our review however if interested you can find out more here.

Cost: £1 + VAT Trial Price for 14 days then £37.00 per month thereafter or £89.00 every 3 months.

The Trial: The review of this service is also ending after just over 4 months and the latest month produced 11/77 winners and a loss of 9.75 points.

The cumulative position was 61/354 winners and a profit of 24.29 points and the outlay was 536.50 points giving a ROI of 4.52%.

On the surface the performance looks reasonable but the evening before prices are difficult to obtain and factoring in service fees we would have been left with a minimal profit.

Conclusion: Given that the prices are difficult to obtain we can’t really recommend this one. You can find out more here if you are interested.

Cost: 15day trial £1.99 then £37.00 per month or 105 day trial for £39.00 then £37.00 per month.

The Trial: We started monitoring this service on 12th January and as its name implies it is a Golf and Tennis service.

The service offers up a large number and differing types of bets which has made it very difficult to monitor.

The bet outlay is large, and the results have been poor in comparison. In a short space of time the golf service had an outlay of 358 pts and a 49.30 point loss. The tennis service, an outlay of 129 pts and a loss of 45.34 pts.

Conclusion: Not one for us we are afraid.

Cost: £1.99 for 15 days then £27.00 per month thereafter.

The Trial: At the end of five months of proofing this service finished with 102/501 winners and a profit of 3.18 points.

When you take in to account the monthly fees, and the fact that at the time of the advices there are often only Bet 365 offering prices, then it is hard for us to recommend this service despite having received good reviews in the past.

Conclusion: A difficult one for us to shout about, but you can find out more here.

Featured Image: Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

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