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The Trial: This is a racehorse laying service which aims to make £10 a day by laying 6 selections a day with £2 stakes – so if all the horses lost their race there would be £11.40 profit after deducting commission at 5%.

There were morning emails on 24 days during the latest month with the 6 lays plus a further 3 or 4 reserve tips should the primary 6 not show a profit. In all there were 168 lays with 145 being successful, a strike rate of 86.3%. 

However, the odds of the 23 unsuccessful lays averaged 7.27 which meant there was an overall loss of £6.74.

Ironically, the 8 days that the 24 reserve tips were used made matters worse as there were an additional 5 unsuccessful lays with average odds of 8.38 whereas just laying the designated 6 would have turned a profit of £31.14

Conclusion:  Early days. You can find out more here.

Cost: £39.50 per month or £89.50 per quarter.

The Trial: From Pro Betting Club this is an interesting service.

Bets of between 0-8 are online by 11.30 and the suggestion is to lay to 1pt win and place with the proviso that any selection with a place lay price of over 4.00 on Betfair is avoided.

The service started very badly from a win perspective with 2 winners at 12.50 and 18.00 in the first 3 days. By the end of March there had been 166 advices of which 28 did not qualify.

Of the remaining 138, 18 won their race and 49 were placed. This resulted in a loss of 2.42 points on the win lays but a profit of 19.64 points on the place lays after deduction of 2% Betfair commission. Interestingly the win lays are now in profit after 14 losers in April.

Personally, we wouldn't lay at up to 18.00 on winners, but the place side with the much lower exposure is interesting.

Conclusion: Has potential. You can find out more here.

Cost: 1 Month £39.50 / 3 Monthly £89.50

The Trial: March showed some improvement in the results, although not sufficient sadly to show a profit. 

Of the 76 selections only one was advised each-way although it did not place – there were 17 winners at odds between 4/7 and 17/2 for a strike rate of 22.10% and a loss of 8.50 points at 1 point level stakes at advised odds with BOG. 

After 2 months the service is down 58.10 points.

Conclusion:  Some improvement but further improvement needed. You can find out more here.

Cost: £39.50 per month or £89.50 per quarter (Currently 50% discount available – Limited places).

The Trial: Also, from the Pro Betting Club this service gives between 0-6 bets a day win or each way and staked between 1-5 points. Bets are usually online by 8.30 am (no e-Mail) and unusually no prices are given. This review is therefore done to SP.

From 29th Jan to 31st March there were 182 selections and 48 winners and a loss to SP of 5.60 points. However, April to date has performed poorly and the loss is now around 30 points.

Conclusion: We need to see some improvement soon. In the meantime, you can find out more here.

Cost: £39.50 per month or £89.50 per quarter

The Trial: As the name implies the service specialises in Basketball. Tips are online at 8.00 am in the morning and there can be any number between 0-8. All bets are staked to 1 point and the majority are for one team to win with a lesser number of over a total number of points scored.

There were 88 bets between my starting on the 10th of March and month end of which 23 were successful giving a loss of 13.64 points.

April has continued in the same vein and he often goes for the rank outsider and clearly with only 2 results he needs to have a much higher win percentage.

Conclusion: Room for improvement. Find out more here.

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Steve Carter

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