July 23, 2021

Product Reviews

Cost: €20.00 per week / €50.00 per month / €120.00 per quarter

The Trial: After a month or so of this service we felt that a successful low exposure lay service had arrived as our profits had reached a peak of 25 points, and by the end of May we were still holding 19 points of profit.

June arrived and then the reality struck as the 69.11% successful laying ratio fell to 58.57% and the 19 points profit were eroded and turned in to a small loss of just over 3.50 points.

At this point the service took the decision towards the end of June to reduce the selections from the previous 8-10 a day to 1-4 selections per day until they had returned to previous levels.

As at the 11th July sadly there is no sign of the tide turning back in a positive direction.

Conclusion: The previously successful laying form needs to be found if the service is to turn things around. Find out more about Stable Lays here.

Cost: £1.99 15day trial then £37.00 per month / £39.00 3 month trial then £37.00 per month or £59.00 for a 6 month trial then £37.00 per month.

The Trial: We started this service review back in April, but we called a halt early for two reasons.

Firstly, the amount of work involved and secondly the results. In a period of 55 days, we had received 631 advices, of those 286 were successful, with all bets being staked at 2pts and a resultant loss of 79pts.

The most bets advised in a single day were 28 and we weren’t really comfortable staking 56 points in one day allowing for the time needed to find the best prices and then place the bets.

In some instances, there were up to 5 bets on one match, and it is our feeling that the service itself may need an overhaul.

Conclusion: Not one for us, but you can find out more here if you are interested and have the time to place the bets.

Update: We’ve just seen that this service is now closed!

Cost: £14.95 per month or current special offer of £75.00 for the year (previously £179.40).

The Trial: This report covers our second month review of this service during which time there were 2 to 4 tips on 18 days which totalled 50 selections which ran, with advised odds and stakes which were 1 point win, except on one occasion when suggested stake was ½ point win.

Nine of the elections were winners at advised odds of between 11/10 and 9/2, which gave us strike rate of 18% and an overall loss of almost 20 points with the Best Odds Guaranteed. We then had a long losing run or the second half of the month of 18 consecutive losers.

Conclusion: With one month to go we are down currently almost 26 points so the final month will need to turn things around. In the meantime you can find out more about the service here.

Cost: £39.50 per month or £89.50 per quarter

The Trial: This service review finished poorly with 23 winners from 104 and a loss for the month of 18.31pts.

Our final cumulative position was 86 winners from 321 bets and a loss of 27.86pts.

Conclusion: Not one we feel we can recommend.

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