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Cost: £29.99 per month / £99.00 for 5 months

The Trial: As the name implies selections are made for all races shown on ITV which in the main are on Saturday's.

The review was started on 6th November and to year end there were 25/106 winners and a profit of 11.24 pts to the advised prices.

All bets are staked between 0.50pts and 2pts with a small write up for each.

Total staked to date is 125pts giving an ROI of 8.99%.

On Course Profits free Horse Racing magazine

Conclusion: We consider this a very reasonable return given the restrictions on races to bet on.

Cost: £24.99 per month / £199 per year

The Trial: We also started this review on the 6th of November and to year end there were 23 winners from 119 selections giving a strike rate of 19.33%.

6 were staked at 1.5 pts and the rest at 1pt and all are win bets. There are between 0-4 bets daily which are E-Mailed around 9am.

Total staked to date is 123 pts and a loss of 5.97 pts.

January has not started well with a further 11.50 pts loss.

Conclusion: The weather and subsequent going has been very variable and possibly has not helped with the recent results. Hopefully these will improve over the remainder of the reviews.

Featured Image Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

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