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Cost: £29.99 per month / £99.00 for 5 months

The Trial: We have been reviewing this service for 4 months now and the end result is 53 winners from 208 selections, and a profit to the advised prices of 22.64 points.

Total outlay was 243 points giving a ROI of 9.23%.

This is a reasonable return on investment, but it should be borne in mind that it utilises the best prices and best place concessions available which may not be to be available to all.

Conclusion: Worthy of consideration if you can obtain the prices and terms. Find out more here.

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Cost: £20.00 per month / £55.00 for 3 months

The Trial: As the name implies this service concentrates on selections from the NHL Ice Hockey League. There is a maximum of 1 bet a day and it is from the Betting Gods stable.

From the 19th of January to the end of February there were 12/28 selections and a profit of 8.11 pts to advised price and stake.

It’s difficult to understand the staking though. When looking at the past results on their website there seemed to be a fair spread of bets between 1-10 pts, but in our period there have been:

1 point bets – 19

2 point bet – 1

4 point bet – 1

10 point bets – 7

There is a loss at level stakes.

The biggest problem for many would be matching advised prices, Coolbet, Quinnbet,GGbet, Lasbet,Parimach and 1xbet are just some of the companies used to get the best price. All bets were obtainable on mainline bookmakers but not the prices.

Conclusion: Early days, find out more here

Cost: £20.00 per month / £55.00 for 3 months

The Trial: This is a tennis service with a difference as there is usually only one bet a day, but winning bets are rolled forward until a winning sequence of 5/6 wins are achieved.

From 18th January until the end of February he achieved this 3 times and at the advised prices there were 29/48 wins and a profit of 54.02 pts.

The service clearly knows its tennis but once again the problem for many would be matching the bets and prices. Many of the companies used for NHL Master were used here and a few more like Dafobet, Ditobet and Bet Asia.

There were also 6 or 7 bets on number of Aces or game handicaps that were not available on any of the main line bookmakers I use.

Conclusion: For those who have access to all or most of the companies mentioned we would recommend this service, for many we suspect it is a case of do you wish to open many new accounts, full details here

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