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Cost: You can sign up for a free trial. Regular costs are as follows: Monthly £27.00, Quarterly £65.00, Annual £197.00

The Trial:
This is a mainly European football betting service with its website at .  The results had been very good until the start of this review at the beginning of March but unfortunately deteriorated during the next 2 months. As the name suggests the tips are for a minimum score of 2 goals in a match and a minimum score of 3 goals (over 2.5) is also monitored. 

>1.5 Goals – During March and April there were 77 emailed selections with 54 of them being successful, a strike rate of 70.13%.  However, the available odds of around 1.22 were not generous enough to prevent a loss of 11.13 points with level one point stakes.

>2.5 Goals – This time the same 77 tips won 38 times, a strike rate of 49.35%, with the average odds of 1.70 resulting in a 1-point level stake loss of 12.04 points.

Conclusion: We are hoping that May will revert to winning ways.

Cost: £20.00 per month / £55.00 for 3 months

On Course Profits free Horse Racing magazine

The Trial: There were 8/18 winners this month but once again they had the staking spot on with a 10 pt. bet on a 4/1 winner. This resulted in a monthly profit of 32.37 pts.

The cumulative position is 30/71 winners and a profit of 76.20 pts at advised prices.

There is no question that 30/71 winners wouldn't be expected to produce such a profit, but they have their staking spot on. If you only backed the selections over 1pt you would in fact be 86.77 pts in profit from only 22 bets.

Conclusion: Going great guns. You can find out more here.

Cost: £20.00 per month / £55.00 for 3 months

The Trial: There were 10/24 winners this month, but no 5 win sequences led to a loss of 6.68 pts, with the cumulative position being 50/101 and a profit of 31.12 pts.

There has now been a 5 win sequence carried into May and the profit is currently 55.03 pts as at 11/05/22.

Conclusion: Another positive review. Full details can be found here

Featured Image: Photo by Tim van der Kuip on Unsplash

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