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It’s still very quiet on the Product Reviews front, so don’t forget that if you have a product, and you’d like us to review it, or you are a customer interested in an independent opinion on a product, drop us a note by clicking here

Cost: 10-day trial for 99p then £37.00 per month thereafter.

The Trial: A disappointing month this month when showing such promise last month, with 52/84 wins and a loss of 21.78 pts.

It would appear that the Australian Rules Football season is over and apart from two Rugby League bets all bets were for Tennis, and more recently NBA Basketball.

The tennis bets pushed the profits ahead until a change of tactics mid-month when he advised 17 bets at players to win less than 12 games and10 of these lost.

The last 30+ bets were on Basketball, and they have not overall been profitable.

The cumulative position is 86/136 and a profit of 4.37 pts.

Conclusion: Clearly, he is better at certain sports, and we will continue the review for a further month. In the meantime, you can find out more here.

Cost: £20.00 per month then £37.00 per month thereafter

The Trial: The final month of this review saw no improvement to its recent track record, posting its third losing month in a row. 

This time there were 81 selections, 48 of them advised to be backed 1 point win at Betfair Staring Price and the remaining 33 advices 0.5 point win and 0.5 point place, again at BSP.

The win bets had 15 successes, a strike rate of 31.25% and virtually broke even after deducting 2% commission.

The 33 win bets with a stake of 0.5 point had 4 winners and the 33 place bets with the same stake won 6 times when the BSP odds couldn’t prevent them making a monthly loss of 23.61 points.

Conclusion: The Betting Gods website shows every bet this service has made for the last 16 months, and it is very noticeable that up until I started this review it only advised 1-point win bets when it was doing much better than when it commenced the 0.5 stakes and place betting. If you are interested, you can find out more here.