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The Systems Corner – Updates

Well, we will soon be into the National Hunt season proper as we write this month’s magazine and it will be time to see if any of our past systems can offer us profits for 2022/2023, but first a recap on last month’s systems and those currently offering selections.

Results are as of 15th October

* Denotes Gold System

Issue 95:System 32 – Back the forecast favourite in two year old only handicaps where the forecast favourite finished 2nd last time out, excluding Grade 1 tracks.

A nice profit to date (15th October) from this system.

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Issue 95: System 24 – Back Ralph Beckett’s Class 3, 4 and 5 runners at Chelmsford for the months of October through to December.

  • 2 losing runners to date.

Issue 95: System 25 – Back Richard Hughes’s runners at Chelmsford.

  • 3 losing runners to date.

Issue 95: System 28 – Back Simon Pearce’s runners at Chelmsford.

  • No selections to date.

Issue 95: System 20 – Back John Kiely and Ger Lyons Handicap runners over in Ireland during the month of October.

  • A small profit to date.

Issue 95: System 31*  – 4 selections to date, 2 of which placed at 4/1 and 17/1.

Issue 95: System 30* – 6 selections to date and 5 placed (18/1, 16/1 7/2, 11/1 and 1 winner 5/4 JF). A small loss backing to Win Only but 7.84 points had you backed Each Way.

Issue 94: System 18

3 runners to date and all 3 lost their race so +2.94pts for this lay system allowing for Betfair Commissions.

Issue 94: System 15

– We seem to have had a case of placeitis with this one and we are currently -5 points, part way through October.

There is still time to turn things back around.

Issue 94: System 13

We have had 10 selections to date following the Crouch and Probert rides over at Salisbury and we are currently down 2 points.

We are going to leave this to run until the end of October, but the feeling is this is not one to invest too much further time on.

Issue 94: System 14

Last month we mentioned that this would need careful monitoring and our gut was right.

This one totally flopped and has been consigned to the archive.

Issue 94: System 19*

We stipulated a price band for the bets on this system, and if you had stayed within those you would be just over break even from the 6 runners to date.

Issue 94: System 21*

September was a storming month, but we seem to be having a correction for October. Still a way to go through the month and we are hoping for a return to form.

Currently Under Review…

…we also have:

Issue 91: System 4

We can't say that it has been a stormer when it comes to a profit in terms of points but when you look at the ROI's you realise, they can't be sniffed at.

On that basis we will carry this forward to 2023 with a sense check nearer the time regarding the trainers in question.

Issue 91: System 5

We have a couple of weeks left on this one currently and we are standing with a small profit of +4.58 points to ISP (+5.83 at BFSP).

Issue 92: System 7 – Two more runners left us with a 6 point loss so this has been archived.

Issue 89: System 85

We completed this year with a strike rate of 24.32% and a slight profit to ISP of just 2 points for our efforts (8.89 at BFSP). We will be taking another look at this one for next year but for now we will leave in Approved as 2019 and 2020 offered significant returns and 2021 still managed 13 points to ISP. We are not prepared to throw this one on the scrap heap just yet.

Approved applicable for the month of November

Issue 84: System 26 – With all the doom and gloom of 21 this system was a shining light yielding a 33.33% strike rate and 40.75 points profit. Can 2022 deliver a similar return?

Issue 84: System 37* – Last year saw us land almost 1 in 3 winners and bank a profit to the tune of ISP 33.46 points. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this year yields similar returns.

Issue 63: System 23* – A stalwart of the Approved section this system has produced healthy profits in 2020 and although 2021 took some of those from us, 2022 has already give us pretty much all of that profit back and we are hopeful for more.

We currently stand at a BFSP P/L of 36.38 points (151.58% ROI) and a strike rate of 20.83% (24 selections).

Issue 81: System 27* – With another couple of weeks to go we are back to pretty much break even (-0.50pts). There is still a chance of a profit.

Issue 81: System 29* – We’ve dropped a few points from last month but we are still in a double figure profit to ISP but we are keeping our fingers crossed that it stays that way. Did we say “shhhh…”

Issue 83: System 03* – No runners to date as at 15th of October.

Issue 60: System 97 – We will be sticking with the Nicky Henderson runners over November, December 2022 and January 2023 and will hope that the master returns us to previous winning ways.

Featured Image: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay