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The Systems Corner – Updates

First a reflection on systems from flagged up last month.

We picked up on a system we had originally published back in 2016 regarding runners form the Ed Lynam stable. The method had four years in the wilderness but 2020/2021 showed possible promise for the month of August and we decided it was worth dusting off the cobwebs to see if the method could once again offer some profits over the month in question.

No surprise to find that runners from the Lynam yard have been as quiet as a church mouse on the All Weather so far during August so we are not holding our breath that we can retire just yet

James Collins offered a couple of sires angles for our Gold members from his article “Handicap Future Pointers – The Sires” which you can read in full here.

Again, we are relatively early in the month with no runners since publication for System 8 however System 9 has shown eight runners as of 12th August and is showing a strike rate of 25% an ROI to Betfair Starting Prices of 22.14%.

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Currently Under Review…

…we also have:

Issue 91: System 4 – Just 5 selections to date but it runs through August to the end of September so still plenty of time to land a profit.

Issue 91: System 5 – No selections to date but runs through until the end of October.

Issue 69: System 75 – This system was originally produced back in August 2020.  2020 did produce an ROI of to BFSP of 25.94% and a strike rate of 21.95% which earned the system a place in our Approved Category, but 2021 was a difficult year and eroded our profit. For that reason we have moved the system back into our Recently Published/Under Review category so that we can monitor to see whether this system still has any merit going forward.

Issue 92: System 7 – Just two runners since July and will stay under review until the end of September when the system will have completed its three months trial.

Issue 81: System 20 (Available for Gold Members) – This system offered great promise in 2020 with an ROI of 38.37% to BFSP and a strike rate of 23.73%.

Sadly 2022 to date has seen the strike rate tumble to a mere 5.88% and the numbers have been haemorrhaging into the red.

2021’s bulk of profits did come during the month of August so on that basis we are going to keep the faith and look to review again at the end of the month, though we will need a drastic turnaround in the strike rate.

Issue 69: System 71 (Available for Gold Members) – This system was kind to us in 2020 but come 2021 it hammered our bank hard with the strike rate falling by half. 2022 is currently holding its own and the current strike rate is back at 2020 levels, so we are hopeful of a turnaround this year.

Issue 90: System 75 – Published in May historic data suggested that from 2021 suggested that this could possibly yield healthy profits for us. 2021 however demonstrates how stables fortunes can vary significantly from one year to the next. The strike rate has fallen from a healthy 28% down to just 13% and as a consequence the profits to date just haven’t materialised. On that basis this system will be archived.

Issue 68: System 76 – Another system which was suggested profits was System 76 in Issue 68. Sadly, this was not to be. 2020 produced a modest profit but 2021 saw a loss, albeit not a devastating one, but 2022 seems to be starting in that same losing vein. As it is the system pulls up a handful of runners over the four month period of July to September over which the system runs, and to that end we feel this one is ready to be archived.

Issue 89: System 81 – Having tested this system since April the profits forecast haven’t materialised and so we have archived System 81.

Approved applicable for the month of September

Issue 71: System 64 – This system produced a profit for us in 2020 to give an ROI of 168.15% at BFSP (118.81 at ISP). Obviously figures like this are never maintainable in the long term and 2021 did see a loss, but it was not sufficient to erode our already banked profits. We will stick with it for September 2022 with the faith that things can return to form.

Issue 63: System 23 (Available for Gold Members) – A stalwart of the Approved section this system has produced healthy profits in 2020 and although 2021 took some of those from us, 2022 has already give us pretty much all of that profit back and we are hopeful for more.

As it stands to date 2022 is looking at a BFSP P/L of 39.38 points (187.52% ROI) and a strike rate of 23.81% (21 selections).

Issue 81: System 27 (Available for Gold Members) – 2021 proved profitable for this system which historically has run from July through to November. Admittedly 2021 saw the level of profits drop off to a third of those of previous years but it is early days for this one this year and so we will look to see where we are in a month’s time. Currently we are just about breaking even so there is a definite chance of a profit.

Issue 81: System 29 (Available for Gold Members) – This system may be added to our “stalwarts” as 2021 produced profits of 55.81 points to BFSP (and ROI of 50.74%), and 2022 has got off to a flyer with 62.73 points to BFSP (ROI 81.46%) in the bank already this year. This system operates throughout the Turf Flat season starting in April. The strike rate this year so far is 28.57%.

Issue 86: System 50 (Available for Gold Members) – This is a Dave Renham system we have been following from Issue 86. A strike rate of 20% has yielded profits to date of 12.54 points to BFSP (an ROI of 62.69%). This system may have some longevity as it would have produced a profit in seven of the last nine years with just one of the years showing a single figure profit.

Issue 89: System 85 – Previously under review this system has produced a strike rate of 25.81% and ROI of 42.27% to BFSP since publication in April this year and we will following this through to the end of September with the hope of further profits.

All figures quoted are as at the time of writing 12th August 2022

Featured Image: Image by Dmitriy from Pixabay