March 27, 2020

US Racing Tips

We've had a few mails in asking about alternative racing from readers who want to keep turning over their betting bank or who just want some action, that's not animated. Below we have a list of services that provide US Racing Tips.

Here's what I know.

Value Backing Naps

First of Value Backing Naps will now be tipping US racing. Carl started out his career as an assistant to a Daily Racing Form tipster and knows the US scene well. But has no recent results from the US.

He has done well in recent years at the Breeders Cup meeting. You can try Value Backing Naps for £1 – 

Carl is a friend and trusted source at On Course Profits and I'm going to follow along with small stakes.

US Racing Expert

Another one with a cheap trial. This time we have results going back to June 2019 and since then the profit sits at + £1,078 to £10 stakes. That's good solid performance and with a 15 day trial for £2.39, this looks worth trying – Click Here

Pin Point Ratings

Our tester approved the Pin Point Ratings service when we tested it earlier this year and apparently the ratings work just as well on International racing. If you sign up here for £5 you will get all the ratings selections and the naps until the end of April.

Well worth a try of you want plenty of action – Click Here

USA Racing Club

This is another one with a good record. The results show it's only ever had two losing months and they were a long while ago back in 2017. The price is £33 a month with a £5 trial. It's a Betfan product – Click Here

World Racing Syndicate

I've seen a few mails about this service and the results look amazing, but I can't help but notice that the sales page doesn't have the usual notices and the trust seal from Clickbank.

I won't be joining, if you have then let me know how you get on in the comments.

Update: Please read the comments before joining World Racing Syndicate.

Image by Clarence Alford from Pixabay

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Darren Power

Darren is the Publisher and Editor of On Course Profits magazine and a keen horse and greyhound racing fan

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  1. Hi daren
    I agree with you about World racing I have been receiving mail from them every day for the last week
    Received one this morning offering a month trial for £20 to test them out
    seems like they find plenty of winners
    I’ve been ripped off a few times with tipsters I don’t fall for the sales pitch anymore
    Hope you can find out if they are lidgit
    Offer ends 1st April

  2. I have been informed via a reliable and trusted source that an alleged Bolton Trading Standards investigation was underway looking at the proliferation of click bait spam mails being distributed to mail addresses from a single release IP point in Westhoughton Bolton. These mails claim massive win ratios, with fake tipping site names, and fake tipster names, no click bank money back guarantees, so the advice is ‘buyer beware’ in any of these mails circulating with results which are unproofed in advance, made up tipsters whose names are actually hiding the proliferator of click bait spam mails to take money from innocent punters. In these difficult unprecedented times, scam mails are a disgraceful and unwanted means of adversely affecting people desperate for good news. Darren you are correct to steer clear of the aforementioned tipping site.

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