System Selections Wednesday 26th June

Please Note we send all possible selections. Some selections only qualify if they are favourite or if they meet price restrictions. Please see notes.

For each selection we have noted in which issue the system was published. The system name is coded as follows. System Number – Issue Number – System Creator – Brief Description – Notes.

So in the case of “(2) 53-NH-O Meara-SEE NOTES” This is system number 2, which was published in issue 53 of On Course Profits, it was researched by Nick Hardman and concerns O Meara and there are notes that need to be checked before betting

(1) 53-JB-Varian Fav-SEE NOTES7.4Bath8RaheeqOnly a qualifier if Favourite
(6) 53-JB-Williams Favs-SEE NOTES2.5Salisbury6Dr Doro (IRE)only a qualifier if starting favourite