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We offer three ad packages for On Course Profits magazine.

For maximum exposure we offer a sponsorship package which includes a full page ad, a call out in the Editor's Welcome, your link and text in the PS of every email we send while the issue is current and a solo mail to our registered readers. 

Registered readers = 24,826 (22nd March 2021)

Ad Package

1 Issue

3 Issues

6 Issues

12 Issues


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Guaranteed >500  Unique Clicks

All prices + VAT 

"It looks like we’ve been earning around £1.50 / click from the OCP sponsorship"

michael carr

Michael Carr

Lucrative Racing

Hope you're well and just to feedback that our sponsorship provided good ROI so if you need any quotes etc. just let me know.

Also, we'd be interested in booking the Oct/Nov slot now if we can.

Nick McKenna

Nick McKenna

Cleeve Racing

Ad Specs

1/4 Page Ad

768 wide x 256 high JPG or PNG

Full Page Ad 

768 wide x 1024 high JPG or PNG


Each issue of On Course Profits is published on the 23rd of the month. Your ad is required by the 14th unless pre approved in which case the 17th is the final day for submission.

If your ad does not meet our ad rules we will work with you to resolve or refund if we cannot agree a format. Rules are still being written but in the main please don't make profit claims that have not been proofed.