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claiming races

Claimers on The Flat (Turf and All Weather)

There are certain race types that many punters avoid and in general claiming races are one such race type. However, in my experience they are nowhere near as tricky as most punters think. It should be stated though that this type of race is getting rarer and rarer in this country, so we need to make the most of them… Read More »Claimers on The Flat (Turf and All Weather)

Jockey bookings – can we gain an edge?

As a punter I am sure you have read on numerous occasions something along the lines of ‘this is an eye catching jockey booking’. However, how often do these eye catching jockey bookings provide a winning bet? This question has made me want to find out, or at least try to! For this piece I have looked at National Hunt… Read More »Jockey bookings – can we gain an edge?