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Betting Strategy

How to win at horse racing and betting generally

Taking Prices – Hints to help you secure the top bookmakers’ prices

Set your minimum value point Before you even look at the live markets, you should have calculated the minimum price you are prepared to accept for your intended bet. Never be tempted to bet at shorter prices than your minimum value point. Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) bookmakers Wherever possible, use Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers. If you take an early price… Read More »Taking Prices – Hints to help you secure the top bookmakers’ prices

Backing Favourites to Win

Backing Favourites: The Way to Profit?

Updated 23/5/22

Horse Racing Betting Systems

For regular readers of these articles, you will know that I enjoy looking at horse racing betting systems. However, I haven’t until now looked at how backing favourites can make your betting more profitable.

In this brief article, I will attempt to show how you can have some fun and even more importantly profit from backing favourites in UK horse racing.

Now many punters, myself included, like the idea of taking a punt on a big priced outsider in a race. You feel great when it comes off. All that study of the race and you're one of the few who's managed to pick that big priced winner that no one else has. Therefore, being more adventurous, by backing the outsider, can pay off extremely well. But it doesn’t happen often enough.

Now when it comes to backing favourites, plenty of punters avoid them. You will no doubt have heard or read people say that the tipster or punter, “they only back or tip favourites”. It’s usually said or written with a fair level of scorn too.

However, it shouldn’t be like that because backing the right favourites really is the way to long term profits.

The Favourite-Longshot Bias Rears Its Head

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A Revision of Compiling “Tissue Odds” from Ratings – Part I

The following article is designed to enable the reader to produce their own betting forecast or tissue prices. Devised by Rory Delargy of Racing Consultants the method will hopefully help you to find your preferred your daily value bets. The job of the odds compiler may be one surrounded in mathematics, but ultimately there will aways be a massive amount… Read More »A Revision of Compiling “Tissue Odds” from Ratings – Part I