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A directory of common horse racing terms and frequently asked questions

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What is liability in betting

Simply put liability in betting is the amount of money you have risked, the maximum that you can lose. When you make a back bet it’s easy to understand, if you bet £10 on Red Rum then your liability is that £10, that’s the most that you can lose, your liability. Where it can get complicated is on the betting… Read More »What is liability in betting

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What is an Acca Bet?

Horse Racing Accumulator Simply put an Acca bet is a bet on a number of different events combined in one bet such that all the profit from one selection is staked on a second selection, the profit from the second bet is staked on a third and so on. What does Acca Stand For? Acca is an abbreviation of accumulator… Read More »What is an Acca Bet?

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What are Rule 4 Deductions

A Rule 4 deduction is made when a horse is withdrawn before a race starts but where bets have already been taken. So an example will help to explain… If a race is just about to start and most of the bets from the public have been made and then a horse that was prominent in the market can’t start… Read More »What are Rule 4 Deductions