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What is an Acca Bet?

Cheltenham 2023 day 1 selections

Horse Racing Accumulator

Simply put an Acca bet is a bet on a number of different events combined in one bet such that all the profit from one selection is staked on a second selection, the profit from the second bet is staked on a third and so on.

What does Acca Stand For?

Acca is an abbreviation of accumulator which explains one of the reasons that people like to place accas and that's because profits accumulate.

The downside is that if any one of your selections loses then the bet is lost.

How do Accumulators Work?

Let's run through an example.

Say we fancy a horse in every race at a meeting…

1:00 Fast Horse 3/1

1:30 Big Grey Horse 5/1

2:00 The Champ 2/1

2:30 Black Beauty 7/1

3:00 Giddy Up 2/1

3:30 Red Rum Evens

This is our list of horses and we want a £1 accumulator.

So if Fast Horse wins the first race at 3/1 we now have £4 staked on Big Grey Horse which when it wins at 5/1 returns us £24 and so on, if all 6 win we get to £3,455 profit.

But as soon as one of them loses the bet is over.

Some people frown upon those that place acca bets because they win a lot less often than a single bet, but the returns can be huge.

If you want a bit of fun each day then a £1 acca will provide that and when you hit a big win it will live long in your memory and unlike say the lotto, there is a skill element which can move the odds in your favour.

Enjoy an Acca