August 23, 2021

Trainers Who Send Their Runners On Long Journeys To Race

It seems a lifetime ago when I went inside a bookmaker’s shop for the very first time.

It was in the early 90s, (the summer of 1993 from memory) in the seaside town of Bognor Regis in West Sussex. I was at teaching college there and one of my mathematical assignments for my degree had been about horse racing. I created a mathematical model which I ran on a BBC Basic computer of all things. How times have changed!

While writing the assignment I had started to dream that I could actually make life changing money from betting on horses. To be honest with you that dream had yet to be fully realised despite a few significant wins over of the years.

I visited that same bookie several times during that summer and while I was there I “listened in” on numerous conversations thinking that I would learn some real “nuggets”. I heard punters talk bullishly about course and distance winners, beaten favourites, and trainers who had travelled long distances to run their horses. It did not take me that long to realise that none of these ideas would prove “blindly” profitable in the long term.

However, they are all areas where I have “crunched the numbers” since in order to help me build up my racing knowledge and understanding, and in this article, I am going to revisit one such idea. The plan is to examine how well certain trainers have done when sending their runners on a long trip to race.

I have looked at UK flat racing data (inc. all weather) for the last 5 full seasons (2016 – 2020). All profits/ losses have been calculated to Betfair SP (BSP). I have used a travelling distance of 200 miles as my minimum – that would equate to a minimum travel time of 4 hours or so which I think makes sense. Longest travelling distance for some trainers in the country is roughly 450 miles – this of course depends on where the stables of the trainers are in relation to the courses.

I have also restricted my research to trainers who have sent at least 200 runners on such a hike – this gives me a solid enough sample I believe.

To start therefore, let me share the results of all trainers that had 200 or more runners during the period of study (distance travelled to track 200 miles or more).

They are ordered by strike rate:

Several trainers in the list have made a profit so for Gold readers let me dig a bit deeper into individual trainer performances.

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David Renham  

Featured Image: Racing Stables | PapaPiper | Flickr

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