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This month it is not good news for the services currently under review.

Cost: £29.95 per quarter / £59.95 per year or £99.00 for Lifetime Access

The Trial: The final month of this review saw this race horse tipping service achieve 18 winners from its 31 selections, a strike rate of 58.5%.

There was a profit of 1 point both at advised odds and Betfair SP after deducting 2% commission. Over the 3 months trial both staking methods showed a small loss.

Conclusion: Losses were not catastrophic so others may find over a longer period different and better results overall. You can find out more here.

Cost: 1 month trial for £7.00 + VAT per then £19.99 + VAT per month. Annual subscription available at £109.00 + VAT.

The Trial: 20 winners from 107 selections for this latest month and a monthly loss of 32.59 pts at the advised prices..

The cumulative position is now 31 winners from 177 selections and a loss of 49.21 pts.

At SP the position is 24 pts worse.

Sadly, February to date (7th) has seen the position worsen.

Conclusion: We believe that the service is profitable over the long term but we are wary of any service that almost religiously picks four horses in a narrow price range of Evens – 7/1 every day.

It feels too regimented.

You can find out more about the service here.

Cost: Discounted first month of £22.50 then £45.00 per month thereafter or £45.00 for the first 3 months then £90.00 a quarter thereafter or £95.00 for the first 6 months then £135.00 every 6 months.

The Trial: We have taken the final third month of this review up to the end of January.

There were 17 days, each giving 6 tips with 3 of them being non-runners.

Using method “1” with the stop at a winner retrieve staking method would have produced the planned 1-point a day as at least one of the six tips won its race, although the odds could be as low as 1.26 (Betfair SP) or 1.22 (ISP). So 17 days of tips produced the targeted profit of 17 points.

The other strategy is to back every selection at level stakes.

The 99 runners won 37 times, a strike rate of 37.3% with 1-point level staking at Betfair SP making a loss of 13.35 points after deducting 2% commission. Over the 3 month review period similar staking made a loss of 27.86 points.

Conclusion: This service started well but like many others found December and January difficult months. You can find out more by clicking here.

Cost: £29.95 per quarter / £59.95 per year or £99.00 for Lifetime Access

The Trial: The final month of this review showed no improvement in the return for backing five horses a day – in fact the advices deteriorated and the losses grew.

The 149 tips with runs produced 23 winners, a strike rate of 15.4% for a loss of 67 points at level 1-point stakes at advised odds, slightly worse with minus 70 points at Betfair SP after deducting 2% commission. Conclusion: We can do better than this – not recommended.

Featured Image: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay