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Are you on Facebook

Are you on Facebook?

We had a page and then I had a bit of trouble with Facebook advertising who didn't like our ads for the magazine, that was back in 2017.

We've sort of left the page dormant since then.

But a lot of people are on Facebook, well people of my age at least 🤔 and like to check in each morning.

So we are giving it another go.

Currently we have a brand new page with no followers!

We are going to share some free tips to the page this weekend and if we get a few hundred followers we'll keep sharing free stuff.

We'd love it if you liked the page – Click Here 👍🏻

Talking of love, that's just reminded me that I havent mentioned the best free tips that we follow and that's Loves Racing.

Their free tips had a huge ROI last year from just one free bet per week.

I recommend that you get on that list here

Free Horse Racing Tips

Finally for today, if you want to watch someone live trade the football and hopefully make good profit, watch out for my email tomorrow.

All the best

Darren Power

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