Golf betting is a great way to generate consistent profits

Why Bet On Golf?

Golf is the third most popular sport to bet on after horse racing and football. There is comprehensive bookmaker coverage of the sport, including…

  • Multiple betting markets that generate high volumes each week with bookmakers and exchanges.
  • Golf tournaments last four days, so there is time for in-play betting or laying off bets already made.
  • Odds are big (20/1 to 2,500/1) for most of the field every week because up to 128 + players are in a tournament. Market makers tend to be too short on the ‘names’ as they know that’s where the bulk of punters money will go. They have to give better value odds for the rest of the field to balance books.
  • There are plenty of sites and social media apps that you can use to access live information on golfers and tournaments.
  • You can bet, lay and trade on golf easily. Restrictions are less likely on golf than horse racing or football for punters who are regular winners.
  • There is plenty of value about every week if you know what you are doing. You can generate annual profits of 100+ points each year by having access to the knowledge and data that can be found.

How the savvy punter can TURN THE MARKET TO THEIR advantage BY betting ON golf.

There are several tournaments on various tours going on each week, and bookmakers cover them all. The exchanges tend to concentrate on the main tournaments, which are the European and USPGA Tours.

The odds setters tend to favour the well-known golfers in the markets, such as Rory McIlroy and Jon Rahm. Also, bookmaker odds setters lack knowledge of the less well-known golfers down the field so there is always good value to be found lower down the betting markets. The bookmakers do not do enough work on the characteristics of golfers outside the world top 50, so you can benefit by having that knowledge.

With so many runners in the field and the fact that a tournament is played over four days, it is a marathon and not a sprint. Odds can be big for less well-known quality golfers who may be in good current form or regularly play well at a particular course.

Each way betting can pay in golf as eight places are usually available in tournaments every week and for the Majors bookmakers often the first twelve.

Punters tend to gravitate to sports they know rather than those they don’t, even if they provide a better option to win money consistently. We know football and racing because we have grown up with them. Thinking preferences steer us to these sports where markets are much more efficient and harder to win money on than ones where we can bet more profitably with hard work and study.

97% of sports bettors lose money overall, and bookmakers make substantial profits from racing and football punters. To make money, you essentially need to zag when the others are zigging…  learn to be contrarian.

The Main Factors to Consider to Make Money Betting on Golf…

Form – current form

Most tournament winners were in the top 25 finishers last time out, and a whopping sixty percent finished in the top 10.

Form in golf is usually temporary. It lasts in spells of four to six weeks and can occur two to three times a year. Most golfers have courses with specific characteristics that their game is suited to playing on, and they have a good previous record there. Or they raise themselves for the Majors and are not so motivated by turning up for appearance money in the lesser tour events.

Form – at the type of course where the tournament is being played

Suitability to the course being played – does it suit those who can drive the ball a long way or those who are accurate off the tee? Does it require good iron play to find greens instead of the hazards? Pin positions change each round, and so different challenges arise. Do you need to chip well and be good playing out of bunkers? Is the rough long and matted or easy to get out of? Are the greens particularly tricky or fast, and will the best putters come to the fore? It’s imperative you know your player’s profile fits the course characteristics. Investing in players like this pays off again and again.

Player mental state

Does your golfer have stress or other issues? Has their partner just given birth? Have they split from their caddie? Have they got new clubs? It’s crucial to be in the right frame of mind to win.

What type of grass are we playing on?

Yes, this does make a difference. Golfers play better on Poa Annua, Bentgrass or Bermuda grass. This affects both fairways and the rough and greens. The ball reacts differently on each type of grass, and golfers can be better suited by playing on one of these types of grass. Look at the metrics for those who won or were placed previously, or courses similar to it, and which golfers play to them with their strengths.

The more work you do…, the more wins you’ll get

As Gary Player famously said, “the more I practise, the luckier I get” this really means ‘put more in to get more out’. We use various sites that have extensive data on each golfer and courses on the various tours. Metrics are all important in golf betting in that you need to understand what each golfers’ strengths and non-strengths are.

A winning punter needs to invest time going through relevant data to understand each golfer and how that relates to performance that week. Some of the best sites for golfing stats that we use are:

We follow various golfers on their personal Twitter feeds.

We have a comprehensive FREE doc on our site called ‘How to Win Money Betting on Golf’.

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In Conclusion…

You have to invest the time required to study player characteristics and the related metrics of their game. What is their suitability to the various courses they play on? You can shortcut this effort by investing in a golfbetsgold subscription, and we’ll do the hard yards… you’ll be joining the 3% of punters who win money year after year.

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