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Hugh Taylor Tips –  Are They Profitable?

Hugh Taylor Tips

Hugh Taylor is the lead tipster at At The Races and tips alongside Lawrence Taylor, Gary O’Brien, Paul Jones and Simon Rowlands

Hugh is very high profile and shows strong profits at his advised prices, the problem for the punter is that those prices disappear very quickly as the bookmakers react to Hugh’s selections.

In this article we answer the common questions that readers have about Hugh Taylor including the crucial question of can you make money from Hugh Taylor’s selections.

Can I Make Money from Hugh Taylor's Tips?

First thing to say is that Hugh Taylor is not necessarily trying to make you a profit from his selections.

His stated aims are… 

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– To provide an interesting read

– To give the occasional big priced winner

– and to get people interested in horse racing and form study

But of course if his selections were not profitable, at least at the early prices he quotes, then he would probably not have his job for long.

The major problem with backing his selections is that you will not get the prices that Hugh Taylor quotes.

Hugh writes the lead column on one of the UK's leading racing sites and at the quoted prices he has made around 200 points profit every year.

All of that means that the prices on his selections are cut as soon as they are posted.

The bookies can afford to have somebody ready to slash the prices as soon as Hugh posts, if you think you can move quicker you are sadly mistaken.

Profitable Strategies using Hugh Taylor’s selections

Work Hard to Get The Prices

If you can get the prices that Hugh quotes then you will make a profit, so the number one profitable strategy is to work hard to get the prices that Hugh claims.

Go Against the Bad Value Taylor Horse

Of course Hugh is not always right, in fact his strike rate is a modest 17% so far this year.

With 83% of the Taylor selections losing, a clever punter would be looking for the horse that will beat the Hugh Taylor selection which will likely be available at inflated odds because the Taylor horse has been shortened. 

Be Selective with the Taylor Selections

We have analysed this years selections up until the end of May and if you had bet all the tips priced at 10/1 or more and not bet those shorter than 10/1 (advised price) you would make more profit for less bets.

Your ROI would be 69% against 25% ROI for all bets.

This is if you get the advised prices, you would still lose at SP albeit only 1.5 points, but of course with the much higher ROI you can take a price and as long as you beat iSP you will make a profit.

Bet the Each-way Selections

Back all his each way bets, these have made a profit at SP so far this year of + 7.28 points and a profit of 26.7 at advised prices.

Hugh Taylor FAQ's

What's Hugh Taylor's Strike Rate?

So far in 2022 Hugh's strike rate is just 17%, so 83% of his selections are losing.

What's Hugh Taylor's ROI

So far this year the ROI at advised prices is 25%, but at SP it’s -15%

Is Hugh Taylor on Twitter

Yes he is and you should follow if you are interested in his tips because he tweets a few minutes before he posts his selections so you know when to be ready.

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