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Latest Updates from The Product Reviews

This month’s reviews of the current services under scrutiny….

Cost: Free Trial available. £15.00 per month or £180.00 per year (Currently offering a discounted annual rate until the end of July of £79.00).

The Trial: There were 18 Lucky 15's advised this month for an outlay of 81 pts and a return of 78.86 pts.

The cumulative position is a profit of 10.64 pts from an outlay of 175.50 pts.

Backing each selection to 1 pt Win produced a profit of 11.58 pts this month, from 69 selections.

On Course Profits free Horse Racing magazine

Cumulatively the profit is 12.31 pts from 152 selections.

Conclusion: Both methods are profitable at the moment and so we will continue to monitor. In the meantime you can find out more here.

Cost: PAYG Registration Fee £5.00 / 3 Months £95.00 / 6 Months £165.00

The Trial: We have been monitoring this service since 28th June and as we are sure most are aware this is the Guest Tipster for August.

Bets are advised at random times and are win or each way and staked between 0-5 pts.

There were 61 selections until 31st July with 8 winners and 8 each way placed bets and a profit of 1.95 pts to the advised stakes.

The majority of bets are in races of 12 furlong + with the occasional sprint bet.

Conclusion: As Platinum members will know we are currently 4 points up for the month (as of the 17th). You can read more about the service here.

Gilbert Racing

The Cost: £38/month, £67/6 months

The Trial: The 6th August was the last day of the 3 month trial of this horse tipping service during which it had experienced a change of fortune. 

Although the 202 bets had 80 winners and a strike rate of 39.60% this couldn’t save it from registering a loss both with advised BOG odds and Betfair SP. 

BOG showed a loss on the month of 14.74 points to advised stakes, still an overall profit of 155.52 points for the period of the review – whereas Betfair SP showed a loss of 92.44 points after a 2% deduction, an overall loss of 52.01 points. 

Conclusion: So, this service may well appeal to members who have a wide range of bookmaker accounts available to achieve close to the recommended odds.

You can visit the BETViral website by clicking here.

Cost: 90 day trial £49.00 then £49.00 per month thereafter.

The Trial: This is a racehorse tipping service from Michael Carr’s ‘Lucrative Racing’ stable. 

You get the tips by accessing a password protected website after 10:00 am, no bets on Sunday, where there will usually be 2 or 3 tips together with the available odds, sometimes there will be more than one runner in the same race.

Also on the website are links to how the selections are made plus nearly 4 years of detailed results showing it to be a profitable service at advised odds with selections advised at 7/1 and shorter backed 2 points to win and higher odds backed 1 point each way. 

For the month 28th June to the 27th July there were 47 tips with one non-runner – 10 of these returned a profit:  5 winners and 5 being placed, a 21.74% strike rate. 

Looking at Michael’s reported results for this period shows a profit of 2.6 points at advised odds but he always calculated a quarter the odds a place where as the race conditions would have indicated the more normally available a fifth the odds and this would have tipped the result into a loss. 

However a selection won a 4 horse race at 17/2 (advised 8/1) which was reported in Michael’s results as an each way bet although there would normally have to be a minimum of 5 runners, so making this a win only bet improves the overall return.

Conclusion: We’ll call it break even this time and see what happens next month. You can find out more about the service here.

Remember, if you spot any products on the market you would like to see us review, please feel free to contact us. Just click here and send in your suggestion.