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Lay Dutching Calculator

A great way to spread your risk and get a higher strike rate with your bets is to dutch your selections.

If you want a calculator to dutch your back bets or your lay bets then we have what you need on this page.

What is Dutching

Basically dutching is the process of combining multiple selections into a single bet.

Let's say for example you are about to bet on a race and you think it is between two selections and are confident that one of the two will win, you could have a bet on each at the same stake, but if they are quoted at different prices then your return will be different depending on which selection wins.

Dutching is the process of betting with different stakes such that you win the same amount whichever one wins.

Dutching Calculator

To dutch together win selections you can use this simple calculator which will let you back up to 12 selections in one race or event and tell you what stakes to put on each to make a level profit whichever wins.

Dutch Calculator

Lay Bet Calculator

If you are looking for a lay dutching calculator you don't need one, here's why.

Lay dutching or reverse dutching is the process of laying multiple contenders to lose, which is useful if you are sure a number of contenders can't win but you aren't sure which of the others will win.

If you want to lay multiple horses in a race or multiple contenders in any event and you want to win and lose the same amount whichever of the horses you didn't lay go on to win then it's pretty straightfoward to do.

It used to be that you had to calculate your stakes as shown in the video below which I made in 2011.

But things have moved on now and you can just make your selections and then click the liability link in Betfair and set your liability.

Betfaor Lay Dutch Calculator
How to use the Betfair Liability button to lay multiple horses for the same liability. No need for a Dutch Lay Calculator

So the answer to the question, do you have a calculator for working out the stakes for dutching lay bets, is that you don't need a calculator the tools are all built into Betfair.

If you want to play at bookmaker just use the “Liability” link.

Here's the original lay bet calculator video.

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