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A Q & A With Mike Cruickshank of

Hi Mike, first up could we ask you to tell us a little about yourself and your background? 

MC: After finishing college I joined the Royal Navy and completed 6 years service. 

During my time in the Navy I was always looking for additional ways to make money and did a lot of Bonus Bagging. 

Bonus Bagging involves cashing out bookmaker and casino promotions completely risk free without risking your capital. 

I realised at the time anybody who was new to this sort of betting would find it incredibly hard to get started since there wasn’t much information online about it. 

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The few sites detailing the process made it overly complicated so I decided to build a product around it called Bonus Bagging, which simplifies the process. 

Would you tell us a little about, it sounds interesting? What can it offer potential punters and how does it differ from other services on the market? 

MC: With Bonus Bagging I email the users custom made bets for every single bookmaker offer available. I work out everything including which selections to use, odds and stakes so no mistakes can be made. 

This is done is real time, each bet sent will be unique for the user. 

Since the bets are risk free and guaranteed to make the user money we have a 100% success rate with every bet. 

It’s impossible to lose money providing you follow my basic instructions. 

What level of funds would you suggest someone should start with if they are looking to take advantages of some of the techniques involved in bonus bagging and what realistic returns can they expect? 

MC: Bonus Bagging requires a minimum of £100 to get started with. If you have more funds available then you can make more in a shorter space of time by completing more offers. 

Starting with a £300 bank a user could expect to make £500 in the first month placing 1 bet a day. 

Each bet should take no longer than 10 minutes. 

Is there a particular approach to bonus bagging which works best? Are there any particularly useful pieces of advice you can share with our readers for example are there any pitfalls to be aware of? 

MC: Follow my instructions on the emails and you will be fine! 

Always check the terms of the offer before taking advantage, bookmakers often have minimum odds requirements and restrict certain markets such as Asian Handicaps. 

If you place bets on the wrong markets then you can end up losing money. 

Is bonus bagging best suited to those who are new to gambling or to the seasoned punter? 

MC: Bonus Bagging is best for new punters that don’t have many accounts. 

I have some advanced products for the seasoned punter with lots of accounts. 

Profit Maximiser – this covers the daily on going bookmaker, casino, bingo houses and spreads betting firms offers. 

You can use this product and make money from your existing bookie accounts. I’d expect a user that took action daily to make roughly £1000 per month from it. 

Accumulator Generator – this one shows you how to cash in on bookmaker accumulator refunds. For every £50 bet you place you can expect to make £10 risk free. Since there are so many bookie refunds around you can easily scale up your activity with this product. 

Can you apply the principles of bonus bagging to all sports or do particular sports lend themselves more favourably? 

MC: 90% of bets will be on horse racing and football since those sports are where most bookies have special offers. 

But there are other offers on tennis, snooker, greyhounds and baseball. 

What about the bookmakers? Within the gambling industry would you like to see anything changed? There are many criticisms of the bookmakers and their treatment of their customers? Is this something you have an opinion on? 

MC: Yes I would like to see more regulation; some bookies can be a law on to themselves. 

There is a service called IBAS (Independent Betting Adjudication Service (http://ibas-, which deals with disputes. The downside is the bookie needs to be registered with them before they will look at any disputes. 

Most of the large UK bookies are. 

If you are part way through an offer and the bookie decides you are no longer allowed promotions, they still need to credit you the free bet. 

This is take from a recent IBAS ruling: – 

If a customer is to be excluded from an offer that decision must be communicated prior to the bet being entered in to. 

The decision to exclude customers from promotions rests with the company but the decision must be communicated to the customer otherwise the customer can be induced to bet with the company, rather than a rival, on a false premise. 

If a bookmaker refuses a free bet without notifying you are promo banned before the bet is placed, they must credit the free bet. 

Be firm with them and insist they credit the free bet otherwise you will open a dispute with IBAS. 

If not then open a dispute here and they should rule in your favour (providing you aren't breaking any terms and conditions). 

Do you yourself still use the bonus bagging principles? Do you also carry out straight bets for professional gain? Any particular successes you can share with us?

Yes, I practise daily and continue to develop my knowledge so I can release new strategies for crushing the bookies.

I do carry out straight bets; I’ve developed a football-betting model which shows incorrect prices on the Betfair markets. 

Often short price favourites are too short compared to the true statistical chance of them winning, you can get a very good value bet backing the outsider. 

Have you got any new products lined up? 

MC: Yes!! I’ve got some AWESOME products coming out this year but my lips are sealed for now. 

You’ll have to wait and see 🙂