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Product Reviews

It’s nice to see a couple of positive reports this month from our reviewers. Many thanks' guys for your diligent work.

Cost: Monthly £45.00, Quarterly £90.00, One Time Payment £95.00 for 6 months. (Offers are available)

The Trial: This horse race tipping service finished its second month of this review again making a profit. By the end of July, the score was 12 winners from 37 selections, a strike rate of 32.43%.

The total of 91 points staked produced a profit of 24.72 points at BOG to advised odds, an ROI of 27.16% whilst backing at Betfair SP the profit was 17.45 points, an ROI of 19.18% after deducting 2% commission.

Conclusion: Progressing well. More can be found out by clicking here.

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Cost: £19.97 Monthly or £179.97 yearly.

The Trial: The 3 month review ended on the 18th of July and during this final month there were 112 selections recommended to be backed 1 point win, 2 point win, 1 point each way or 0.5 point each way. The 49 win bets had 6 winners and lost 12.5 points.  There was one 2 point bet and one 1 point each way bet – both lost.

The 61 0.5 each way bets had 7 wins and 22 placers and again made a good profit more than making up for the other advised stake’s losses and wiped out the previous 2 months deficit to end the review with this service just about breaking even.

As the tips are posted by Telegram there is the opportunity to chat with Clive and Jamie so sometimes this service becomes more like a social event.  

Conclusion: If this review is anything to go by if you stick to the 0.5 each way bets you won’t go far wrong. You can find full details here

Cost: £10.00 for the 1st month then £20.00 per month thereafter or £50.00 per quarter.

The Trial: The second months review for this service saw the average number of daily selections increase to over 10, advised the evening prior to racing to be backed either 1 or 2 points to win at BOG with the advised odds taken from Bet365 at 6:00pm. 

Of the 312 tips 53 were advised to be backed at 2 points win, 6 were successful at advised odds between 6/1 & 8/1, resulting in a loss of 13.24 points.

All the other 259 tips were advised as 1 point wins with 38 being successful – the highest odds being achieved by Forca Timeo on the 24th  of June in the 1:35 at Doncaster with advised odds of 33/1, BOG paid 40/1 and the Betfair SP was 51.86. 

Although the winning strike rate of the 1-point bets was only 14.67% the achieved odds made the service a profit 128.51 points for an ROI of over 35%.

Conclusion: A more relaxed approach would be to back at Betfair SP which would have given a profit of 70 points to advised stakes, an ROI of 19.2%. You can find out more about the service here.


The Trial: Unfortunately, there haven’t been many winners over the past month with just 3 winners coming from the 43 selections and a loss of 39.44 points. Our cumulative position is 14 winners from 123 selections and a loss of 59.64 points.

It seems that Richard is struggling to find winners on either side of his services currently and this one looks unlikely to meet the grade, but after every losing run we are always hopeful of a return to form.

Conclusion: There’s still quite a mountain to climb for Hanbury Winners to prove itself as a useful addition to the main service. You can find out more here.

Cost: £10.00 for the 1st month then £27.00 per month thereafter.

The Trial: A poor month with 4 winners from 45 selections and a loss of 16.12 points. There were no advices for 5 days during the month due to personal issues and it may have been that his concentration was lacking during this difficult period.

Our cumulative position to date is 13 winners from 114 selections and an overall loss of 12.62 points. During August the number of selections and the results have improved and as at the 8th August he is in profit for the month.

Conclusion: Let’s hope that this positive turn on the results continues in an upward trend. You can find more information about Cheek Pieces here.