March 24, 2020

A Q and A with Craig Walker

Hi Craig, and many thanks for joining us this month. First up would you say that you have a “typical” working day, and how would you describe it?

My typical working day is to analyse weekly golf betting stats and data, to constantly gain a value edge over the bookmakers and more recently identifying value edges on exchange markets.

This means I would spend 3-4 hours per day researching and collating stats from weekly completed golf tournaments, then, every Tuesday/Wednesday, I will spend 4-6 hours finalising my weekly golf selections.

This will include writing a detailed analysis/preview of that week’s tournament and the reasoning of which players I’m advising to my members to support.

What do you think of the world of sports tipping in general and what do you think people are in search of when it comes to their hunt for a successful tipster?

I think the world of sports tipping in general is involving, as more betting enthusiasts are turning to sports betting to gain a value edge to profit from different sporting betting markets, rather than stick to more common betting markets i.e. horse racing etc.

This means people are in search of successful sports betting tipsters that can consistently find the value edge in the betting markets to successfully make long term profits

Do you regularly bet yourself? What style of approach do you take to your betting? What do you think of staking plans, loss retrieval systems etc.?

I regularly bet on all my selections I advise to my members. I allocate staking on my weekly selections according to the value edge. Each week I try to outlay the same percentage stake in line with my betting bank, which is important to keep separate from my everyday bank account.

I advise my members to do the same, also I advise members never to chase losses and never bet more that you can afford to lose.

What attracted you to the world of golf and what do you enjoy most about the sport?

I was attracted to the world of golf because of the great Tiger Woods who dominated the game of golf in the 1990s. I really enjoyed watching and winning large amounts of money from Tiger winning tournaments by wide margins.

I also enjoy golf as a sport because it’s so technical and I’m constantly in admiration of the ability of the players to perform incredibly difficult golf shots under immense pressure.

What do you feel you can offer golf enthusiasts and punters that other tipsters can’t?

I feel I can offer golf enthusiasts and punters a successful weekly golf betting service that will be a trusted, transparent, and well researched. Also my service will have a personal touch, with each member given my email address, so they can contact me with any problems or queries/questions they wish to bring to my attention.

Other tipster services hide behind inflated profits, false promises and don’t offer that personal touch.

What traits do you think a good golf tipster should possess and what do you think the average punter is looking for from a tipping service?

A good golf tipster should communicate well with their members, provide in depth analysis of upcoming tournaments, with valid reasoning behind their advised selections and be fair when advising attainable prices etc.

The average punter would like their tipster to provide them with steady profits, with fair monthly subscription rates, provide selections at the same time each week, record weekly results with honesty and integrity. (A professional run service)

New and old punters alike can struggle to make a success of their betting. If you could give them just one piece of advice to improve their profitability what would it be?

My advice to new and old punters to improve their profitability is to do your homework before you commit to stakes.

If you're betting on your own picks/system or using a paid tipster, use paper trading for a good few months to see if the selections are making profit in proportion with your affordable betting bank and this will tell you if investing with your own money, you will make long term profits.

What would you consider to be a highlight of your golf experience to date? Do you have any personal golf experiences which when reflecting back brings a smile, or for that matter any which bring a grimace; you can share with our readers?

My highlight golfing experience to date is watching Tiger Woods winning the 2005 US Masters in a playoff against Chris DiMarco as for me I witnessed the best ever golf shot. Tiger Woods performed an incredible chip shot to birdie the 16th hole, to this day I haven’t seen a better golf shot with a major tournament right on the line.

My personal experiences have brought smiles and laughs with friends, as we have tried our best to play this technical game. I have embarrassed myself on the driving range a few times, either by completely swinging and missing the ball or when connecting not hitting it straight or very far, but on the positive side I’m pretty good at crazy golf, if that counts for putting skills lol.

What about the gambling industry, is there anything you like to see changed there? Many website forums are full of criticisms of the bookmakers and their treatment of their customers? Is this something you have an opinion on?

I think most or all bookmakers treat their customers poorly, especially when people win, they quickly restrict their account or let them have minimal amounts on best prices, also they are quick to cut prices, and offers by bookmakers have too many complicated terms and conditions.

They need to be regulated more by the gambling commission; I have recently been made aware that money held by punters in bookmakers’ accounts is not as safe as it should be. Moplay and Betway are examples of this. This has pushed me personally into betting solely on exchanges as I never get restricted and my money is protected.

What do you do to relax and unwind? What interests have you outside the world of golf?

I like to relax with spa days and family holidays, and spending quality time with my family is very important to me. I have an amazing wife and two beautiful daughters.

My interests apart from golf are playing five a side football with my friends and going to watch my favourite football team Leeds United.

Featured Image - Photo by George Bougakov on Unsplash

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