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Product Reviews

Our monthly look at the services and products under review by our reviews team.

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Cost: 1 month trial for £7.00 + VAT per then £19.99 + VAT per month. Annual subscription available at £109.00 + VAT.

The Trial: We started this review on 06/12/22 and by month end there were usually

4 selections a day all at 2 point Win and given by E Mail at 11.00 am.

To date there have been 11/70 winners and a loss at advised prices of 16.62 points. At Starting Prices, the result would be around 10 points worse off.

Conclusion: Not a great start, but in profit within the first 4 days of January so we will continue with the review and report further next month. You can find out more about the service here.

Cost: Discounted first month of £22.50 then £45.00 per month thereafter or £45.00 for the first 3 months then £90.00 a quarter thereafter or £95.00 for the first 6 months then £135.00 every 6 months.

The Trial: Our latest month, December, was not a good month for this racehorse tipping service which advises two approaches to staking its selections.

Recapping – the first approach is to aim to make 1 point a day staking to retrieve any losses, stop at a winner. The only problem with this is dealing with the inevitable losing run and this happened on the 27th December when all 6 selections lost.

There were no selections for the following two days and the losing run ended on the 30th  with the fourth tip of the day winning at Betfair SP of 3.85.

It would have taken a stake of 133.75 points to retrieve the cumulative loss of 371.58 points and the target 2 points, requiring a starting bank over 505 points to achieve this result, somewhat greater than the advised 300 point bank.

The second approach where every selection is backed at level stakes also had a disappointing month: there were 6 tips on 15 days with 8 non-runners. Of these 82 bets 28 won, a strike rate of 34.14% but the average winning odds at Betfair SP of just over 2.0 were not sufficient to prevent a loss of 25.38 points after the deduction of 2% commission.

Conclusion: Not looking promising but you can find out more by clicking here.

Cost: £29.95 per quarter / £59.95 per year or £99.00 for Lifetime Access

The Trial: This month’s review saw 25 runners with 13 winners, a strike rate of


Achieving the advised odds at level stakes would have produced the tiniest of profits: 0.15 point at 1-point level stakes.

This time Betfair SP didn’t do as well, losing 3.74 points after the deduction of 2% commission.

Conclusion: We’d like to see a profit sometime soon. You can find out more here.

Cost: £29.95 per quarter / £59.95 per year or £99.00 for Lifetime Access

The Trial: Five tips a day were given for the 28 days there was racing scheduled during this most recent month, although the weather and non-runners reduced the total to 120 bets, 20 of which were winners, a strike rate of 16.67%.

Achieving the advised odds or taking Betfair SP achieved remarkably similar figures: “advised” lost 44.75 points at 1-point level stakes whereas Betfair SP lost 44.45 points after deducting 2% commission.

Conclusion: We are still waiting for an improvement, but in the meantime if you are interested to find out more about the service you can do so here.