January 21, 2021

Product Reviews

Cost: First month £10.00 + VAT then £40.00 per month + VAT thereafter.

The Trial: We have been monitoring this horse racing service since the 3rd of December and up until the end of the month it’s morning email advised 41 bets: 26 straight win and 15 each-way.

Recommended stakes for the win bets were either 1 or 2 points with 0.5, 0.75 or 1- point each-way.  The win bets returned 8 winners, a strike rate of 30.77% and a BOG profit of 9.43 points, an ROI of 32.52%. 

The each-way tips had 3 winners and 5 placers for a combined strike rate of 53.33% and a profit of 9.28 points, an ROI of 39.49%.

Conclusion: A good start. Try Cleeve Racing for £10 here

Cost: Race Advisor Pro is currently closed to new membership, but you can join a waiting list by clicking here.

The Trial: Do you think that you can make a profit by just backing racehorse favourites?  Michael Wilding of the Race Advisor service claims you can by just checking three conditions that must be met to become a selection with sufficient edge to make a long-term profit. 

The first two criteria are supplied by a morning email leaving the final condition to be applied by ensuring the contender starts as the clear favourite. 

As the race’s favourite is only confirmed just before the off then this method requires you to monitor the betting – only making your bet when all 3 conditions are met.

We started this review on the 14th November and up until the end of the month the 17 days racing provided 151 contenders with 38 of these starting as favourite and 14 winning their race, a strike rate of 36.84%.

This method lends itself to monitoring the odds on Betfair and up until the end of December the 45 days racing provided 332 contenders with 82 of these starting as favourite and 28 winning their race, a strike rate of 34.15%.

Using Betfair starting prices at 1-point level stakes with 2% commission these results gave a loss of 17.1 points.

Conclusion: It’s still early days yet – more next month.

Cost: £5.00 for the first 14 days and then £25.00 per month thereafter or £60.00 quarterly.

The Trial: Another good month for this service with 17/98 winners and a profit of 15.09 pts at advised prices. The cumulative position is 44/246 and a profit of 29.10 pts at advised prices.

Total outlay is 233.45 pts giving a ROI of 12.46%.

The service continues to be erratic, alternating between evening and morning advice and 1 or 2 selections then 10 or more in a day. The important thing is it is in profit.

Conclusion: We will continue monitoring. In the meantime, you can find out more here

Cost: £40.00 per month or £90.00 for 3 months or £150.00 for 6 months or £230.00 for a year.

The Trial: Improvement this month with 5/26 winners and a profit of 6.19 pts at advised prices. The cumulative position is 11/55 and a profit of 0.10 pts. Total outlay to date 56 pts.

Conclusion: Nothing too exciting and January has not started well. We will continue to monitor. In the meantime, you can find out more here.

Cost: £1 + VAT Trial Price for 14 days then £37.00 per month thereafter or £89.00 every 3 months.

The Trial: A disappointing month with 16/81 winners and a loss of 7.39 pts. The cumulative position is 33/197 with 59 placed and a profit of 0.94 pts. Total outlay is 312 pts.

Kris Jackman who runs a service recently asked people to write in and tell him who had been profitable services during the year. Surprisingly this service came out top but their figures didn't correspond with ours.

This service and we suspect many of the services advising early evening take the

best prices available then (which wouldn't be available to much money) but take

the SP if bigger.

With only BET 365 and maybe a few others honouring Best Odds

Guaranteed overnight they are claiming the best of both worlds which is clearly


Conclusion: We will continue with this one, but in the meantime, you can find out more here.

Cost: £1.99 for 15 days then £27.00 per month thereafter.

The Trial: A better month for this one with 18/82 winners and a profit of 12.34 pts.

The cumulative position is 66/296 winners and a loss of 3.04 pts. Total outlay is 346 pts.

Clearly this service has hit a bad patch based on previous form and January started very poorly. However the latest few days has seen an upturn and we will continue record results for this one

Conclusion: You can find out more here.

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