August 23, 2021

Protect & Build Your Betting Bank

In your quest to make betting profits never overlook the power and simplicity of each-way staking as part of your armoury for bookie bashing.

Only recently it came in mighty handy for me with a recent run of seconds that I thought was never going to end.

I had no less than 7, yes 7 seconds in a row at prices ranging from 2/1 – 7/2. However even at prices this low I go each-way.

Many will know I’m a great advocate of Each-Way staking. Even at prices as low 2/1 you will receive 75% of your total stake returned in Handicaps, and 70% in Non Handicaps if your horse gets placed. These regular returns flowing back to the betting bank from placed horses are great for your betting confidence. More importantly, they keep you in the game for another throw

So let’s look under the bonnet of the returns from this recent run if you were to stake £5.00 each-way (£10 total). I backed these selections in Non handicap races meaning my place returns would be one fifth the odds of the win price.

If you were to start with a £500 betting bank and your first 7 bets finished 2nd, below are the figures for your bank staking both each-way and Win only.

            Total Returns                                                 Total Returns
             Each-Way                                                        Win Only

Bet 1: 2/1 =   £7.00                                                      £0
Bet 2: 7/2 =   £8.50                                                      £0
Bet 3: 5/2 =   £7.50                                                      £0
Bet 4: 3/1 =   £8.00                                                      £0
Bet 5: 3/1 =   £8.00                                                      £0
Bet 6: 9/4 =   £7.25                                                      £0
Bet 7:11/4 =  £7.75                                                      £0

£54 returned to Pot                                        £0 returned to pot

Total betting bank after 7 seconds backing each-way = £484.00

Total betting bank after 7 seconds backing Win only = £430.00

Obviously, you win more if betting £10 to win instead of splitting your stake and going £5 each-way, however this game is all about bank protection and confidence.

Having lengthy losing runs without a sniff of a return on a regular basis can dent anyone’s confidence and can see them placing a pause on their betting. Consequently, they are therefore unable to reap the rewards of any upturn if they decide to stop betting or reduce their stakes.

Bet each-way on Handicap races and you will be getting more returns from your placed selections at one quarter the odds of the win price.

On the flipside Handicaps by their very nature are more unpredictable and less reliable than non handicaps and hence the slightly better placed terms.

To sum up, if you have any strategy or system where you are currently betting to ‘win only’ and one that has lengthy runs of placed selections then it may be viable to switch to each-way staking.

This will provide more security in banking some returns back to your overall pot on a regular basis.

After all, if you can shield your betting bank from dramatic downturns as a result of these placed returns going back into your overall pot you can then up your stakes to negate the drop in profits when backing each-way instead of Win only – worth thinking about?

Until Next Time!

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