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The Systems Corner – Updates

So, how have the potentially profitable systems we flagged up in last month’s issue fared?

Issue 94: System 18

No runners to date

Issue 94: System 15

4 runners to date, 3 placed and 1 winner @ 11/2 so +3.50 pts / +4.64 to BFSP

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Issue 94: System 13

We have had three runners since publication, one of which placed. We have a way to go yet, and it is still early days.

Issue 94: System 14

6 runners so far, and all have underperformed…this may need careful watching….

Issue 94: System 19*

No runners to date

Currently Under Review…

…we also have:

Issue 91: System 4 – This system appears to have taken a complete nosedive like a Kamikaze pilot and looks as though it is heading directly for the bin. The strike rates in 2019-2021 were 47.62%, 62.50% and 63.16% respectively. 2022 is currently standing at 18.75% with just a couple of weeks left. It’s not looking good.

Issue 91: System 5

– No selections to date but runs through until the end of October.

Issue 69: System 75 – Following on from last month 2022 is also proving a year of less than positive results so far.

October has historically been a month of profits both in 2019, 2020 and 2021 when the overall results were poor so we will hang in there until the end of October but suspect that this will be another system which will move to be archived.

Issue 92: System 7 – Just four runners to date and the three months trial comes to a close at the end of September. Likely to be archived.

Approved applicable for the month of October

Issue 63: System 23* – A stalwart of the Approved section this system has produced healthy profits in 2020 and although 2021 took some of those from us, 2022 has already give us pretty much all of that profit back and we are hopeful for more.

We currently stand at a BFSP P/L of 37.38 points (162.52% ROI) and a strike rate of 21.74% (23 selections).

Issue 81: System 27* – We were just about breaking even last month and are currently showing a small loss of – 4.41points to BFSP. As this system runs until the end of October (error in last month as we stated November), there is still a definite chance of a profit.

Issue 81: System 29* – This system, barring a catastrophe (shhhh….) will be added to our “stalwarts” without a doubt. 2022 profits are currently sitting at 61.92 points to BFSP (ROI 65.18%) in the bank already this year. This system operates throughout the Turf Flat season starting in April. The strike rate this year so far is 30.53%.

Issue 86: System 50* –This is a Dave Renham system we have been following from Issue 86. No change in terms of profit or strike rate from our previous issue so we will continue to follow.

Issue 69: System 71 – We are still sitting at a loss this year with this one, and the gut tells us it has run its course with a strike rate of just over 13%.

Any past profits have tended to come through August and September, and we are currently sitting at almost 14 points down with just two weeks to go, and to that end we think we should cut our losses.

Issue 89: System 85

There has been a slight drop of in the return on this one although the strike rate remains pretty constant and with 10.89 points profit to BFSP we are happy to continue through to the end of September when the system ends for this year.

Issue 83: System 03* – 2021 returned 18 points to BFSP and we will be following again from October through to December.

All figures quoted are as at the time of writing 16th September 2022

*Notes systems available in our Gold Issues.